10 Best Sunglasses for Big Heads 2024 for User Comfort

Last Updated: January 01, 2024

Sunglasses made for the average head size might not suit someone with a larger head. So, if you're one of them, you'll want to get the top-rated sunglasses for large heads. In terms of lens and frame width, you should go for sunglasses that are significantly larger than standard. Also, when looking for the perfect pair of shades to match your unique style, remember to consider how safe they are for your eyes.

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Finding new sunglasses for yourself becomes a mess rather than a joy; you may count on us to set things right. Sunglasses are a necessary accessory, so keep reading for a curated list of the top choices. We've put in a lot of work compiling a list of the best sunglasses for big heads specifically for you. Keep reading to learn more!



Aviator for Big Head

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XXL Sunglass


Quick Pick Section

Many of you wouldn't want to read the article overall; so we thought of giving you a hand.

According to our research, the Oakley Men's Oo9417 Holbrook XL Sunglasses are the best pick for sunglasses for big heads. More importantly, it's features are as follows:

Best Overall - Oakley Men's Oo9417 Holbrook XL Sunglasses

Highlighting Features

  • • It includes a special thermoplastic O-Matter frame.
  • • The sunglasses protect your eyes from harmful UVA/UVB rays.
  • • The sunglasses have polarized lenses.
  • • They are durable and long-lasting; and also are an excellent fit to XL heads.

Comparison Table

S.No. Products Price Range Amazon Rating Manufacturer
1 Oakley Men's Oo9417 Holbrook XL $115 – 215 4.7 out of 5 Oakley
2 Costa Del Mar Rincon $213 4.6 out of 5 Costa Del Mar
3 Oakley Men's Oo9239 Crankshaft $157 4.6 out of 5 Oakley
4 Maui Jim Women's Starfish Cat-Eye $265 4.6 out of 5 Maui Jim
5 Costa Del Mar South Point Aviator $305 4.6 out of 5 Costa Del Mar
6 Maui Jim Koko $262 4.5 out of 5 Maui Jim
7 Ray-Ban Rb4147 $160 4.5 out of 5 Ray-Ban
8 Ray-Ban Rb3548n Hexagonal Flat Lens $163 4.5 out of 5 Ray-Ban
9 Maui Jim Guardrails Aviator Sunglasses $346 4.5 out of 5 Maui Jim
10 Smith Lowdown XL 2 $100 – 220 4.4 out of 5 Smith

List Of The Best Sunglasses For Big Heads

The following are the best choices for large heads regarding sunglasses. We're crossing our fingers that they're helpful to you.

Product # 1: Best Sunglasses for Men with Big Heads - Ray-Ban Rb3548n Hexagonal Flat Lens

Frame UV Protection Polarized
Metal 100% UV Protection No


Ray-Bans have been a favorite for decades among creative types who want to project an image of individuality to the world. Likewise, the Ray-Ban Rb3548n sunglasses include metal frames in the shape of a hexagonal sphere, with coined details and flat crystal lenses. It has a sleek metal frame and a large lens to block the sun's damaging rays.

Moreover, it comes in three sizes, the largest of which is an XL after large sunglasses. The arms of these non-polarized sunglasses are very slim. Therefore, you can adjust the hue of your flash by combining different colors. The RB3548N is available in a range of colors. As a result, you can customize the mirror lens colors to achieve any stunning look.

Reasons to Buy
  • ➕ A beautiful design with no weight at all.
  • ➕ The sunglasses are a comfortable fit, despite the metal frame.
  • ➕ Affordable Ray Ban to wear casually.
Reasons to Avoid
  • ➖ Some customers report that the frame is too fragile and breaks shortly after use.

Product # 2: Wide Sunglasses for Big Heads - Maui Jim Guardrails Aviator Sunglasses

Frame UV Protection Polarized
Metal 100% UV Protection Yes


If you are a fan of sunglasses, you've probably heard of the brand, Maui Jim. With a sleek aviator style, the Maui Jim Guardrail is a new addition to their excellent product line. The frame flex is one of the best features for its performance, i.e., it has a frame that does not move at all, no matter what you are doing.

The sunglasses are also available in a striking Clearshell finish. The Clearshell coating resists scuffing and shields your lens from significant scratches by an unusual drop. On the other hand, the original Maui Jim Guardrail sunglasses have a light frame and polarized lenses that make them look great and last for a long time.

Reasons to Buy
  • ➕ The sunglasses provide the highest light reduction for vibrant colors.
  • ➕ It has optics that are only one-third the weight.
  • ➕ The Maui Jim Guardrails offer an adjustable rubber nose piece for extra comfort.
  • ➕ The sunglasses fit perfectly.
Reasons to Avoid
  • ➖ Pretty expensive compared to other options.

Product # 3: Best Oakley Sunglasses for Big Heads - Oakley Men's Oo9239 Crankshaft

Frame UV Protection Polarized
Plastic 100% UV Protection Yes


These eyeglasses feature an excellent, snug fit that won't hurt your head and will stay put all day. You can go outside without worrying about damaging your eyes because the sunglasses will last a long time. They are also very light, so you may wear them for extended periods.

Polarized lenses are highly effective in blocking dangerous UV rays. They have crisp optics that won't cause any headaches or eye fatigue. These sunglasses for extra-large heads feature a sleek contemporary design with a wide range of looks. Therefore, the Oakley Crankshaft Polarized Sunglasses are ideal for people with larger heads.

Reasons to Buy
  • ➕ These sunglasses are also incredibly lightweight.
  • ➕ They are a comfortable fit for big heads and do not fall off.
  • ➕ You can wear the polarized lenses casually.
Reasons to Avoid
  • ➖ The lenses have "polarized" inscribed on them, resulting in an uncomfortable vision.

Product # 4: XXL Sunglasses for Big Heads - Oakley Men's Oo9417 Holbrook XL

Frame UV Protection Polarized
Plastic 100% UV Protection No


Due to the overwhelming amount of online praise, these Oakley shades also made it onto our list. The lenses make colors look more accurate and easier to see. They also block harmful blue light and UV rays. Also, the thermoplastic O-Matter frame is both durable and pliable.

While the thermoplastic O-Matter frame is durable and pliable, the squared shape is for bigger heads. Overall, the Prizm polarized lenses added much depth and color to the vibrant vision. Lastly, it's a breeze and works well for even the biggest heads with its XL sizes.

Reasons to Buy
  • ➕ Their enormous lens and frame width can fit even the largest of heads.
  • ➕ The sunglasses are both lightweight and long-lasting.
  • ➕ Oakley Holbrook has a three-point fit performance for its users.
  • ➕ Compared to ordinary lenses, its patented high-definition optics technology removes distortion.
Reasons to Avoid
  • ➖ The lens isn't known to be scratch resistant.

Product # 5: Extra Wide Sunglasses for Big Heads - Ray-Ban Rb4147

Frame UV Protection Polarized
Plastic 100% UV Protection Yes


While some specifications are missing, critics agree that these Ray-Bans are one of the best options for a bigger head. The squared-off oval form works nicely with rounder faces. On the other hand, if you want your glasses to fit more comfortably, you can select a wider lens width. In addition, the frames can be purchased with a selection of lens types, including solid, gradient, polarized, and mirrored.

Meanwhile, Ray-Ban's oval logo appears on the upper left corner of these shades. There is a case and a microfiber cloth included with every order. The RB4147s have the classic wayfarer shape but with wider lenses. Overall, these Ray-Bans are stunning and could be precisely what you need.

Reasons to Buy
  • ➕ A very fashionable style that does not appear oversized on anyone.
  • ➕ The fit is ideal for people with big heads.
  • ➕ The large size protects your eyes and the skin surrounding your eyes.
  • ➕ The lenses are polarized, and the coating on the interior of the lens is visible.
Reasons to Avoid
  • ➖ They are a little pricey for those on a tight budget or looking for cheap sunglasses.

Product # 6: Sunglasses for Women with Big Heads - Maui Jim Women's Starfish Cat-Eye

Frame UV Protection Polarized
Nylon 100% UV Protection Yes


Starfish are trendy polarized sunglasses with a subtle cat-eye design and a curved brow. They look good and are easy to wear. These Maui Jim big wave protect your eyes from UV rays and show colors in their proper form. Therefore, these sunglasses have made it to our list of the best sunglasses for women with big heads.

The Starfish is a beautiful addition to Maui Jim's ever-growing collection of innovative sunglasses, thanks to its understated form and style. These trendy Starfish shades shield your eyes with impact-resistant ST Glass lenses, and a lightweight injected nylon frame. Finally, they fit neutral gray lenses, great for glare-free viewing in strong sunlight.

Reasons to Buy
  • ➕ The frame is lightweight, while the lenses are of super-thin glass.
  • ➕ It has polarized lenses, which help reduce eye strain.
  • ➕ The 6-base lens curvature is flat against your face shape.
  • ➕ The sunglasses come in a stylish tri-fold case.
Reasons to Avoid
  • ➖ Again, these are out of range for most people.

Product # 7: Best Aviator Sunglasses for Big Heads - Costa Del Mar South Point Aviator

Frame UV Protection Polarized
Metal 100% UV Protection Yes


These fantastic sunglasses are not only stylish; yet also comfortable and long-lasting. Costa Del Mar's Rincon Rectangular Sunglasses for Men are a classy way to shield your eyes from harmful UV rays. These huge sunglasses were designed for broad heads and manufactured in the USA out of durable resin and optical glass. A wide range of colors allows you to express your unique style.

The lenses are crystal, and the metal frame is incredibly lightweight. To date, Costa's most sunglasses with cutting-edge lens, 580 glass, offers unmatched clarity and scratch resistance. Moreover, they claim to have the highest polarizing efficiency on the market. All in all, the frame material keeps it soft and sturdy without sacrificing comfort.

Reasons to Buy
  • ➕ The lenses are particularly fit for bright light settings or other light-changing situations.
  • ➕ These sunglasses are ideal for long periods and daily activities.
  • ➕ The frame is of high quality and long-lasting.
  • ➕ The glasses are tight and comfy to wear.
Reasons to Avoid
  • ➖ The sunglasses cost around $300.

Product # 8: Best Polarized Sunglasses for Big Heads - Maui Jim Koko

Frame UV Protection Polarized
Nylon 100% UV Protection Yes


You may run into rough weather during the day, but the Maui Jim Koko sunglasses will keep you from being bothered. The hydrophobic and oleophobic glass lenses in these frames make them resistant to scratches and impacts. Furthermore, this is the lightest lens material you will ever come across. With their wrap-around style, Koko sunglasses will always wrap your huge head with comfort and confidence.

Furthermore, they give enough coverage due to their larger lens width and height. The anti-reflective and scratch-resistant coating keeps optics aligned and the frame comfortable to wear for extended periods. Overall, the sunglasses are available in various colors and are fully customizable.

Reasons to Buy
  • ➕ These sunglasses are 99% glare-free and 100% UV-protective.
  • ➕ They are also scratch resistant, so you won't have to worry about unforeseen falls.
  • ➕ The color-enhancing feature on the Koko sunglasses improves clarity and vision.
  • ➕ They are both fashionable and comfortable.
Reasons to Avoid
  • ➖ Some buyers claim that the earpieces have a rubber coating that smudges when worn.

Product # 9: XL Sunglasses for Big Heads - Smith Lowdown XL 2

Frame UV Protection Polarized
Plastic 100% UV Protection Yes


The SMITH Lowdown XL 2 has credibility when planning your next vacation. And there's a solid reason this style of sunglasses is so well-liked; because they're fantastic. The SMITH's ChromaPop contrast-enhancing lenses and performance Megol nose pads make them a superb pair of lifestyle sunglasses.

The nose pads provide extra stability and comfort. In addition, the AutoLock flexible hinges allow for one-handed opening and closing. Not only this, but the Chroma Pop lenses are indeed the best part because they boost color and contrast to make details stand out. On balance, it's an ideal choice for everyone, whether men or women.

Reasons to Buy
  • ➕ An excellent choice for both men and ladies.
  • ➕ The sunglasses are anti-reflective and hydrophobic.
  • ➕ You can modify them to be polarized or non-polarized.
  • ➕ These sunglasses are available in several different colors.
Reasons to Avoid
  • ➖ Because the sunglasses are a medium fit size, they may only fit some large square heads.
  • ➖ The eyewear does not feature flexible nose pads.

Product # 10: Best Prescription Sunglasses for Big Heads - Costa Del Mar Rincon

Frame UV Protection Polarized
Resin 100% UV Protection Yes


The Costa del Mar Rincon is perfect because it is fashionable, soft, and durable. The square shape of these sunglasses makes them stand out. They will protect your eyes from the sun because they block 100% of UV rays. These men's sunglasses have durable resin and optical glass. They fit those with average to somewhat wider faces thanks to their 63mm lens width, 11mm lens height, 11mm bridge, and 140mm arms.

Among the many colors available, you're sure to find one that speaks to your individuality. The lenses are lightweight and made of flexible nylon. Using bio-based nylon in the frame's co-injection construction ensures that it will last for years without compromising durability or wearer comfort.

Reasons to Buy
  • ➕ Sunglasses are not only fashionable but also comfortable for men with large heads.
  • ➕ They have a style that is now in vogue.
  • ➕ There are a large number of possible color combinations.
  • ➕ The sunglasses provide complete sun protection from UV rays.
Reasons to Avoid
  • ➖ The price tag of these sunglasses is very high.

Final Verdict

Sunglasses are accessories that immediately make any outfit look better, but they also have many other uses. They can help shield your eyes from the damaging effects of direct sunlight. Even if sunglasses are plentiful, finding a pair that fits a big head may take time and effort. Therefore, to save you time, we have chosen the 10 best sunglasses for bigger heads and offered in-depth reviews. Happy shopping!

How To Find the Best XL Sunglasses to Fit Your Head

How To Find the Best XL Sunglasses

Factors to Consider


Frame Material


Upgrading to a larger frame size will improve your sunglasses' comfort, appearance, and safety. Sunglasses with short ear stems will not reach larger heads; therefore, you need longer ear stems with nose bridges to perfectly sit on the top of the nose. Finally, lenses that are 55 millimeters or wider and temples that are 145 millimeters or longer are appropriate for you.


Sunglasses Vision


Some frames are made of plastic and are very light, but they break easily. Other frames are strong, but they need to look better. When spending a long time in the sun, you should consider whether you need sunglasses for style or protection. As a result, it is preferable to look for sunglasses with UV protection lenses.




Polarized sunglasses are meant to lessen glare, which could reduce eye strain. On the other hand, polarization is different from UV protection and can be considered a nice but optional extra.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Are the Best Sunglasses for People with Large Heads?

Sunglasses of softer designs, such as the Aviator, Wayfarer, or even the round types, tend to look best on more oversized heads. While ovalized frames with round corners will help soften your features if you have a prominent chin and a square jaw.

2. What Size Glasses Should I Get If I Have a Big Head?

Sunglasses with a lens diameter of 55 millimeters and a temple length of 145 millimeters are typically the best for a person with a big head.

3. Where Can I Find Sunglasses for Large Heads?

Amazon.com is the ideal place to shop for high-quality sunglasses, especially for men with Large heads.

4. How Much Lens Width Makes XL Sunglasses?

The letter "XL" indicates a big sunglasses frame size. Before launching a larger XL version, brands frequently offer a smaller version of a frame or undersized frames. Sunglasses with a lens width of 65 mm or more are primarily for those with Large heads.

5. What is a Big Head Size?

Measure the inside of each temple of a pair of eyeglasses that fit you well to determine your head size. This millimeter measurement is your SFW. In men, a big head has an SFW of 136 or above. Women must have an SFW of 133 or above.