Arc'teryx Atom AR vs Atom LT Jacket Comparison

Last Updated: January 19, 2024 | Author: Jake Thompson

As the adage goes, 'the right tool for the right job' is indispensable advice, and it's never truer than when selecting outdoor gear.

I've spent considerable time encased in both the Atom AR and Atom LT jackets by Arcteryx, evaluating their performance across a spectrum of weather conditions and activities.

The Atom LT, known for its lightweight and versatile design, has been a reliable layer during my vigorous climbs, while the Atom AR has provided essential warmth during those still, frosty nights at base camp.

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But it's the subtle distinctions between these two that can determine whether you're cozily admiring the view or shivering impatiently for the journey home.

In the following paragraphs, I will break down the intricacies of the growing popular brand jackets, highlighting their strengths and limitations, to guide you towards making a choice that could be as significant as the direction of the wind on an exposed ridge line.

Table of Contents:

  1. Key Takeaways
  2. Table: Atom Ar vs Atom Lt: Atom Series Jackets
  3. Pros & Cons
  4. Material and Design
  5. Insulation and Warmth
  6. Weather Resistance
  7. Comfort
  8. Breathability
  9. Durability
  10. Packability
  11. Weight
  12. Final Verdict
  13. Frequently Asked Questions

Key Takeaways

  • - Atom LT is lighter and more breathable; Atom AR is warmer, and suited for low-activity, cold conditions.
  • - Atom LT features breathable side panels; Atom AR emphasizes insulation.
  • - Both jackets provide light precipitation resistance; not fully waterproof.
  • - Atom LT offers greater versatility; Atom AR is optimal in extreme cold.
  • - Atom LT is ideal for active use; Atom AR focuses on warmth, and less on breathability.

For a comparison with the Atom SL, a similar but distinct model, see our Atom LT vs Atom SL analysis.

Table: Atom Lt vs Atom Ar: Atom Series Jackets

Arc'teryx Atom LT Insulated Jacket Arc'teryx Atom AR Insulated Jacket
Feature Arc'teryx Atom LT Insulated Jacket Arc'teryx Atom AR Insulated Jacket
Fabric Tyono 20-denier nylon; 94% polyester/6% elastane side panels Nylon
Lining Fabric Dope Permeair 20 nylon Dope-dyed lining fabric
Insulated Yes Yes
Insulation Type Synthetic Synthetic
Insulation 60g Coreloft Compact polyester 120g Coreloft polyester fibers
Warmth Warm Warm
Hood No No
Back Length Hip-length Hip-length
Back Length (in.) 29 inches 29 inches
Gender Men's Men's
Weight 12.2 ounces 14.8 ounces
Sustainability Contains materials that meet the bluesign® criteria Contains materials that meet the bluesign® criteria

Pros & Cons

Atom AR

Pros :
  • - Warmer for cold weather.
  • - Better weather resistance.
  • - More durable.
  • - Suitable as an outer layer.
Cons :
  • - Heavier and bulkier.
  • - Can overheat in mild conditions.
  • - Less breathable.

Atom LT

Pros :
  • - Lightweight and packable.
  • - More breathable for active use.
  • - Versatile for mild weather.
  • - Comfortable with mobility.
Cons :
  • - Less warm for extreme cold.
  • - Lower weather protection.
  • - Less durable fabric.

Material and Design

When comparing the material and design, it's clear that both prioritize durability and performance, yet they cater to different environmental conditions and user needs.

The face fabric of both models is made from Tyono™, a durable nylon material, which is treated with a Durable Water Repellent (DWR) finish to fend off light precipitation.

The Atom LT features polyester side panels which enhance breathability and flexibility during high-output activities. In contrast, the Atom AR doesn't have side panels, prioritizing insulation and wind resistance instead.

Arc'teryx Atom LT Insulated Jacket Arc'teryx Atom AR Insulated Jacket
Feature Arc'teryx Atom AR Arc'teryx Atom LT
Breathability Less breathable, suitable for low-output activities in cold weather Highly breathable, ideal for high-output activities with side fleece panels
Ventilation Limited due to denser insulation Excellent, with extensive side fleece panels for airflow
Insulation Type Coreloft synthetic insulation maintains warmth when wet Coreloft synthetic insulation, effective in moderate conditions
Ideal Use Best for stationary or low-output activities in colder conditions Suited for active use in moderate to slightly cold conditions
Weight Heavier due to more insulation, providing more warmth Lighter, offering a balance between warmth and mobility
Fit and Style Regular fit, accommodating layering Trim fit, closer to the body for active movement

Both jackets reflect a commitment to quality, with the choice between them hinging on whether one's activities demand greater mobility or warmer protection.

Insulation and Warmth

Delving into the heart of what sets these jackets apart, it's their insulation and warmth that truly define their performance in cold environments. The insulation, primarily Coreloft synthetic, is key to both jackets' ability to retain warmth in chilly conditions.

Here's how they compare:

  1. - Coreloft Insulation: Both utilize Coreloft synthetic insulation, but differ in weight and distribution.
  2. - Warmth: The Atom AR is equipped with more insulation, making it ideal for cold winter usage.
  3. - Breathability: Atom LT's design prioritizes breathability, with less insulation for active wear.
  4. - Use Cases: The Atom AR vs Atom LT decision hinges on your need for warmth versus mobility.

Each jacket caters to specific outdoor scenarios, ensuring optimal performance and comfort. Compare the same features with Arc'teryx's Thorium and Cerium jackets in our Thorium vs Cerium guide.

Weather Resistance

As we consider the weather resistance of the Arcteryx Atom jackets, it's important to note that both are treated with a durable water-repellent (DWR) finish to offer protection against light precipitation. The DWR enhances the jackets' ability to shed water, ensuring that a light rain or snowfall won't penetrate the surface. This treatment, however, isn't a substitute for a full waterproof layer; in heavy rain, an additional shell would be necessary.

The Atom LT and AR both feature Coreloft insulation, which maintains its thermal efficiency even if it gets damp. The face fabric's denier also contributes to durability and weather resistance, withstanding wear and abrasion from elements. Despite their robustness, breathability isn't compromised, allowing moisture vapor to escape and reducing the risk of internal condensation.


When it comes to comfort, breathability is a key factor that sets the Atom LT and Atom AR apart.

I've noticed that Atom LT's side panels offer enhanced ventilation, which is crucial during high-exertion activities to prevent overheating.

On the other hand, the Atom AR, with its greater insulation, seems to prioritize warmth, potentially at the expense of breathability, making it more suitable for less active use in colder conditions.


Understanding the breathability of a jacket is crucial, as it greatly influences comfort during various activities. Here's how the Atom AR vs Atom LT stack up in terms of breathability:

  1. - Atom LT: Designed with side fleece panels, this jacket offers enhanced breathability, making it well-suited for high-output activities where you might otherwise overheat.
  2. - Atom AR: While also breathable, it lacks the side panels, relying instead on underarm ventilation to prevent overheating, which may be less efficient during strenuous movement.
  3. - Ventilation: Both jackets incorporate underarm sections that promote airflow, but Atom LT's stretchy fabric provides superior ventilation.
  4. - Insulation: The Coreloft synthetic insulation in both jackets manages moisture well, but Atom LT's lighter insulation contributes to its overall breathability.


Over time, the durability of a jacket is a crucial factor, and both jackets have proven to be robust and resilient in various conditions.

The Atom series is designed with abrasion resistance in mind, ensuring that the outer layer can withstand the wear and tear that comes from outdoor adventures.

The Arcteryx Atom LT, serving as a versatile mid-layer, integrates resilient materials that maintain integrity even after frequent use.

Similarly, the Arcteryx Atom AR, which can function as an outer layer in milder conditions, exhibits impressive durability.

Both atom jackets have been rigorously tested to ensure they stand up to the challenges of the natural environment without compromising on performance.

For insights on similar offerings by Patagonia, check out our comparison of Patagonia's Nano and Down Sweater.


When considering the packability of any jacket, weight plays a crucial role.

The Atom LT, at approximately 12.2 ounces, is lighter than the Atom AR, which weighs around 14.8 ounces.

This difference may influence a hiker's or climber's decision, depending on their needs for weight savings and space in their pack.


In terms of packability, the Atom LT jacket tips the scales at approximately 12.2 ounces, making it a lighter and more compact option compared to the Atom AR, which weighs around 14.8 ounces. When I'm considering which jacket to pack for a trip, I look at several factors:

  1. - Lightweight Efficiency: The Atom LT's lighter weight means it's less burdensome on long treks.
  2. - Compressibility: Synthetic Coreloft insulation makes both jackets compressible, but the Atom LT's lower profile offers a slight edge.
  3. - Warmth Retention: Coreloft efficiently traps warm air, with the Atom AR having a thicker fill for cooler conditions.
  4. - Versatility: The Atom LT strikes an excellent balance between warmth and packability for active pursuits.

Final Verdict

In summary, the Arc'teryx Atom AR jacket is best for cold, low-activity environments due to its superior warmth and wind resistance, but it's bulkier and less breathable. The Atom LT, with its lightweight and versatile design, excels in active use and milder conditions, offering better breathability and mobility, though it provides less warmth and weather protection. Your choice between the two should depend on your specific needs for warmth, activity level, and environmental conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the key differences between the Arcteryx Atom AR and Atom LT jackets?

The Atom AR and Atom LT are both part of the Atom line by Arcteryx, designed for cold-weather comfort. The Atom AR is a heavier, more insulated parka, ideal for frigid conditions, and can be worn as a standalone winter jacket. It's filled with more Coreloft insulation, making it suitable for low to mid-output activities. In contrast, the Atom LT is lighter and designed for high output activities. It features less insulation, making it a great choice for layering and providing optimal thermal performance without causing you to overheat.

2. Can the Atom AR and Atom LT be used for skiing, and what are their features for mobility and comfort?

Yes, both the Atom AR and Atom LT can be used for skiing. The Atom AR, being a heavyweight jacket, offers more warmth and protection, making it suitable for colder ski days. It has a durable 30 denier shell and a comfortable fit that allows for mobility. The Atom LT, on the other hand, is an atom lightweight jacket, better suited for high-output skiing activities. It offers excellent mobility and comfort, with underarm panels that prevent overheating and a hem drawcord for a secure fit.

3. How do the underarm areas differ in the Atom AR and Atom LT, and why is this important?

The underarm areas in these two jackets are designed differently to cater to varying levels of activity. The Atom LT features underarm panels made of a more breathable material, providing better ventilation. This design is crucial for high-output activities, as it helps to regulate body temperature and prevent overheating. The Atom AR, being designed for lower activity levels in colder conditions, does not emphasize underarm ventilation as much, focusing instead on overall warmth.

4. What are the benefits of the 30 denier fabric used in the Atom AR and Atom LT jackets?

The 30 denier fabric used in both the Atom AR and Atom LT jackets offers a balance of durability and lightweight comfort. This fabric is strong enough to withstand wear and tear while being light enough to ensure mobility and comfort. It also contributes to the jacket's ability to keep you warm even when wet, as it helps in repelling moisture instead of soaking it up.

5. Can the Atom AR and Atom LT be layered with other garments, and what is their capacity for warmth retention?

Both the Atom AR and Atom LT can be layered with other garments. The Atom AR, being a heavier jacket, can fit a mid to heavyweight fleece underneath, making it ideal for extremely cold conditions. The Atom LT, being more lightweight, is often worn as a mid-layer under a shell or as a standalone jacket in milder conditions.

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