6 Best Adidas Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis in 2024

Last Updated: July 01, 2024 | Author: Dr. John Anderson

Plantar Fasciitis is a common foot condition that occurs in 10% of the general population. It is responsible for 80% of cases of heel pain. The condition demands extra care and is exacerbated by wearing the wrong shoes. On the flip side, choosing the right footwear can help you stay comfortable and active for longer periods. You can even carry on running by selecting the appropriate shoes.

We are here to help you with this with the list of the best Adidas shoes for plantar fasciitis. Adidas has produced a wide range of shoes to cater to different foot conditions and there are plenty options available for plantar fasciitis.

We have selected the top after thorough testing to bring the truly best to you.

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Table of Content:

  1. Adidas Adizero Sl: Best for Daily Training
  2. Adidas Switch FWD: Best for Stability
  3. Adidas Cloudfoam Pure 2.0: Best for Comfort
  4. Adidas Ultraboost 21: Best for Running
  5. Adidas Edge Lux 5: Best for Women
  6. Adidas Alphabounce+: Best for Casual Running
  7. Final Verdict
  8. Frequently Asked Questions

Adidas Adizero Sl: Best for Daily Training

Adidas Adizero Sl
Feature Specification
Closure Type Lace closure for premium lockdown
Upper Material Part Recycled Engineered Mesh
Cushioning Lightstrike & Lightstrike Pro
Lining Textile
Weight 8.5 ounces (size 9)
Midsole Drop 8.5 mm (heel: 35 mm/forefoot: 26.5 mm)
Outsole Material Rubber
Recycled Content Upper contains a minimum of 50% recycled content

The Adizero SL brings the premium design element of the Adidas lineup ideal for serving you for daily training. The lightweight daily trainer boasts a high level of stability combined with breathability. With the shoes on, you can forget your foot condition and focus more on achieving your goals.

The all-rounder shoe is composed of a firmer midsole that absorbs impact while reducing tension. Furthermore, the mesh upper has more breathable holes to allow better airflow. It is the ideal pick for hot summer runs as it prevents issues that arise from excess moisture. The upper also results in great comfort with a thin line of cushioning.

Furthermore, the shoe is constructed with durability in mind. But that doesn't mean it sacrifices on grip. The shoe is excellent for providing a high level of traction on various surfaces.

  • - Highly breathable mesh upper.
  • - Super lightweight.
  • - Highly stable.
  • - Excellent grip.
  • - Durable outsole.
  • - Low energy return.
  • - Narrow heel.

Adidas Switch FWD: Best for Stability

Adidas Switch FWD
Feature Description
Fit Regular fit
Closure Lace closure
Upper Material Engineered mesh with breathability windows
Feel Cushioned, locked-down feel
Heel Design 3D molded heel with anti-slip lining
Midsole Soft EVA midsole with TPU stability plate
Weight 9.8 ounces (size 7)
Midsole Drop 10 mm (heel: 45 mm/forefoot: 35 mm)
Outsole Continentalâ„¢ Rubber outsole
Sustainability Note Contains at least 20% recycled content

The Adidas Switch FWD is dedicated to stability with its cushioned midsole. The midsole also has a TPU plate contributing to the unmatched stability the shoe offers. You can feel the plate when wearing it for the first time. It feels firm and provides structure to support your feet for moderate paces.

The first thing that will certainly attract your attention is the unique design. They are attention-grabbing with fashion-inspired design and greater visibility in low light. It is made possible with the reflective stripes on each side. Although the shoes seem overly tall with a 45 mm stack height, they don't feel tall when you wear them. The midsole of the shoe compresses with weight so it won't feel as tall as it seems.

Furthermore, the shoe midsole with a TPU plate is also responsible for the comfort that runners with plantar fasciitis seek. The best part is that the shoes are made with 20% recycled material with Adidas' aim to reduce carbon footprint.

  • - Attractive design.
  • - Firm midsole for stability.
  • - Offers high flexibility.
  • - Secure heel hold.
  • - Grippy outsole.
  • - Not very responsive.
  • - Might be heavy.

Adidas Cloudfoam Pure 2.0: Best for Comfort

Adidas Cloudfoam Pure 2.0
Feature Description
Fit Regular fit
Closure Lace closure
Upper Material Textile upper
Midsole Technology Cloudfoam midsole
Sockliner Memory foam sockliner
Outsole Synthetic outsole

Mostly appreciated as a fashion shoe, the cloud foam is often neglected for its functionality. Adidas has done a great job producing a shoe that performs at its best while looking good on the feet. With a simple and slim profile, the shoe meets the highest standards of comfort.

It is weightless and you will be amazed at how cozy it feels when you put it on. It resembles a cloudlike feel as the interior is super cozy with a plush feel. For more comfort, the shoe is made more breezy with enough room for wind flow.

You can wear the shoe in the hottest weather without any trace of moisture which often results in an uncomfortable feel. The mesh upper has lined membranes that allow fresh air to make an exit for hot air. So with this level of comfort and convenience, the shoe can be worn for the long term.

  • - Superior comfort with Cloudfoam cushioning.
  • - Lightweight.
  • - Stylish design in various colors.
  • - Breathable mesh upper.
  • - Limited durability under heavy use.

Adidas Ultraboost 21: Best for Running

Adidas Ultraboost 21
Feature Specification
Sock-like fit Yes
Lace closure Yes
Upper Material adidas Primeknit+
Lining Textile
Supportive heel counter Yes
Midsole Technology Boost
Weight 10.9 ounces (size 9)
Heel-to-Toe Drop 10 mm (heel 30.5 mm/forefoot 20.5 mm)
Outsole Stretchweb with Continentalâ„¢ Rubber

Adidas markets the Ultraboost 21 as a serious running shoe, but have been adopted by the public for casual wear. The Ultraboost has gone through immense changes with each new model. And by reaching up to the 21st version, it has become a serious performance shoe ideal for running. What makes it ideal for the dreaded plantar fasciitis is the ridiculous amount of Boost in the midsole. It provides a high level of cushioning making it super comfortable to wear.

Along with providing cushioning, the Boost midsole is responsible for greater stability. It is made firm to make your feet maintain the support needed for runs. It feels more firmer compared to the previous versions but lacks the sink-in plushness. Furthermore, the midsole is made 20% more responsive making the energy return more efficient.

  • - Sock-like fit.
  • - Great foot lockdown.
  • - Stretchy upper.
  • - Highly responsive.
  • - Heavy.

Adidas Edge Lux 5: Best for Women

Adidas Edge Lux 5
Feature Description
Fit Regular fit, designed specifically for women
Closure Type Lace closure
Upper Material Textile upper contains a minimum of 50% recycled content
Collar Type Geofit padded collar
Sockliner Molded sockliner
Midsole Technology Bounce midsole
Outsole Material Rubber outsole
Outsole Features Forefoot flex grooves

The Edge Lux 5 is exclusively designed for women. It is a versatile shoe that will adapt to your pace delivering the best performance. Due to the cushioning and stability, the shoe has proved to be an excellent pick as a running shoe for plantar fasciitis.

The upper of the shoe is made with flexible mesh which feels super light and is breathable. The mesh overlays on the upper further provide support and a snug fit. They further allow free movement of the feet inside the shoes. The features of the upper work together to provide a sock-like fit.

Coming to the midsole, which mostly decides if the shoe is right for foot condition, Adidas Huge Lux is a huge yes for plantar fasciitis. The shoe features a Bounce midsole which is known for flexibility and a springy feel. The springy midsole is responsible for more energy return making your run less tiring. Despite its flexibility and high energy return, the shoe is durable enough to withstand wear and tear.

  • - Variety of color options.
  • - High energy return.
  • - Highly flexible.
  • - Offers a snug fit.
  • - Greater stability.
  • - Lacks padding around the ankle.

Adidas Alphabounce+: Best for Casual Running

Adidas Alphabounce+
Feature Description
Fit Regular fit
Closure Lace closure
Upper Material Mesh upper
Lining Textile lining
Midsole Technology Hybrid Bounce and Cloudfoam midsole
Outsole Adiwear outsole
Recycled Content Upper contains a minimum of 50% recycled content

The Adidas Alphabounce+ is a stylish sneaker that equally serves as a top running shoe. With perfect blend of stability and comfort, it has earned a spot for best shoes for plantar fasciitis. Thanks to the higher heel stack of the shoe, it provides ample foam for your feet to sink in.

The Alphabounce is made with high quality material and it does look premium enough. But it comes with a reasonable price tag so you will be getting the best deal.

Among the important aspects that makes the shoe worthy pick, its midsole construction is on the top. Encasing a softer foam with firm outer midsole, the shoe is responsible for extra support. The EVA foam that is used in the shoe has a distinctive design. The midsole is comparatively wider resulting in wider base allowing more space for your foot to move.

  • - Affordable.
  • - Cushioned and supportive midsole.
  • - Premium quality material.
  • - Durable outsole.
  • - Better grip.
  • - Heavy.

Final Verdict

Choosing shoes that will better accommodate you for your paces along with being easy on plantar fasciitis pain be a difficult task. But choosing the right fit can save you from immediate pain as well as injuries resulting from it in the long run.

We have selectively picked the best Adidas shoes for plantar fasciitis considering the most important factors. You can choose any from our picks as per your preference and need for a balanced ride.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What features to look for when choosing shoes for plantar fasciitis?

When choosing shoes for plantar fasciitis, it is crucial to look for comfort along with stability. Shoes for the purpose are specifically build to address the pain associated with the condition. Shoes with cushioned midsole provide more comfort.

2. What makes Adidas shoes good for plantar fasciitis?

Adidas uses sole technology that helps treat plantar fasciitis. Their shoes have strong arch support that decreases the load on your fascia. This is key to less pain and better muscle function in your foot.

3. Which Adidas model do podiatrists often recommend for plantar fasciitis?

Podiatrists often point to Adidas Ultraboost because of its cushioning and supportive sole. It is one of the best shoes from Adidas with a lightweight design. The shoe helps lower the risk of inflammation from excessive pronation, making it a top pick for foot health.

4. Can I wear Adidas shoes for both trail and road running if I have plantar fasciitis?

Yes, Adidas offers shoes suitable for both trail and road running. Look for models with extra cushioning plus stable support to protect against rough terrain and hard surfaces.

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