10 Best Automatic Watches Under 200 in 2024

Last Updated: January 01, 2024

In this economically stacked Era, automatic watches are like a quick weapon that helps to win a battle. These most affordable automatic watches under $200 are the best option for you if you want a high-quality watch at an affordable price. These watches may be a good choice for you if you value your money and cannot afford more expensive watches, but you want to show how wealthy or important you are by owning watches that are considered very expensive. Buying these low-cost automatic watches is a great way to save money while enjoying their long-lasting enormous quality, which usually comes at a premium.

Shortly, in this comprehensive study, I will attempt to manage numerous categories of automatic watches for less than $200 from well-known and respected manufacturers such as Bulova, Orient, and Seiko. All of the alternatives will be discussed in detail, allowing you to select a very good quality watch at a reasonable price that you can afford.

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Automatic Skeleton

Invicta Skeleton
Automatic Dive

Orient Mako II
Automatic Field
Vostok Komandirskie

Vostok Komandirskie Military
Automatic Dress

Orient Bambino Ver. 2

What are Affordable Automatic Watches?

It is a sort of mechanical watch with a self-hand winding movement, making it a complicated technology. This movement is what allows the watch to function and tell time. The external parts of the watch work together to form a system that generates energy, which is then transferred to other parts, such as the balancing wheel, via gears and escapements. If your automatic watch has a 38-hour power reserve and you don't wear it for two days, you will need to manually wind the watch again in order for it to function. It is determined by a few specific elements, such as how frequently you wear your watch and how well it functions overall.

These mechanical watches operate on their own since the automatic watch does not require batteries to function. Instead, the movement of the person wearing them gives them power. If you do not wind the main spring of your automatic watch sufficiently, the time may not be as precise. To keep the watch accurate, wear it for at least 8 hours per day or manually wind the main spring by turning the crown. An automatic watch winder, which is a separate watch storage unit that may be purchased separately, can keep automatic watches charged.

1. Best Men’s Automatic Watches Under 200 – SEIKO 5 SNK809

Case Diameter: 37 mm Weight: 2.12 Ounce Case Thickness: 11 mm
Water-Resistant Depth: 98.4 ft. Model Year: 2013 Case Material: Stainless Steel

I'm going to share my favorite inexpensive automatic watches with you today. Automatic watches are often associated with expensive timepieces ($500 or more). While this is true, some diamonds are affordable while still having a stunning appearance. Between $80 and $200, I've chosen 11 fantastic possibilities.


This Seiko watch is a stylish watch with Japanese automatic movement that makes it easy to keep track of time. On a black dial with a unique design, white Arabic numbers mark the hours on an inner circle and the minutes on an outer circle. On an outside minute track, small bar indexes go around the dial. The silver-colored glow of the hands in the dark makes it easy to tell the time of day or night. The thin second hand has a red accent. The day and date are shown at three o'clock to make things easier. The polished stainless steel case goes all the way to the end of the black nylon strap, which wraps around the wrist comfortably and closes with a traditional buckle. This high-performance watch is a perfect everyday watch because it can handle water up to 100 feet deep.

This is a mechanical watch that works on its own. These watches don't need batteries because they get their power from the movement of the arm wearing them. If you don't wind your automatic watch's main spring enough, the time may not be as accurate. Wear the watch for at least 8 hours a day or manually wind the main spring by turning the crown to keep it accurate. This watch can be kept charged with an automatic watch winder, which is a separate watch storage unit that can be bought on its own.

2. Fossil Townsman

Case Diameter: 44 mm Weight: 4.16 Ounce Case Thickness: 14 mm
Water-Resistant Depth: 165 ft. Model Year: 2017 Case Material: Stainless Steel


This automatic high-quality watch which parts are imported from America. This affordable automatic watch Fossil is the source of inspiration and gives us evidence of the creativity and ingenuity of American Products. This automatic watch has a see-through dial which was a creative idea. This dial skeleton shows its functioning very clearly and shows how the involved, hand-assembled pieces of the watch function. The watch includes a reinforced sapphire crystal lens that is scratch resistant with hand winding technology. It boasts an imported stainless steel case with a blue dial and genuine brown leather strap with an adjustable buckle closing.

This watch is a pretty good one and very nice to look at, and the fact that it is skeletonized and works on its own makes it a great deal for the price. I can't find a watch that I like that has the same features and costs about the same. I like the roman numerals and the clear, see-through crystal. It's also cool to see the movement and spring action on the inside. Be aware, though, that this style makes it impossible to read the face at night. In a quiet room, I can hear the mechanism ticking. Some reviews didn't like how the front crystal had a slight tint, but I think it makes the watch look better.

The leather strap is good quality and holds up well. I wouldn't replace it with an aftermarket stainless steel band because it would change the watch's personality a lot. Other specifications are a 44 mm case, 22 mm band, analog display, automatic mechanical movement 22mm Fossil watch bands. Its 50m (165ft) of water resistance allows it to be utilized for recreational swimming and showering but not for diving or snorkeling. An automatic watch, sometimes known as a "self-winding" watch, is a mechanical wristwatch whose mainspring is wound by the wearer's arm movement. This provides the watch with energy, eliminating the need for a battery or manual winding.

3. Best Women's Automatic Watch Under $200 – Fossil Carlie

Case Diameter: 35 mm Weight: 2.4 Ounce Case Thickness: 9 mm
Water-Resistant Depth: 50 m Model Year: 2020 Case Material: Stainless Steel


An automatic watch, also called a "self-winding" watch, is a mechanical timepiece whose mainspring is wound by the movement of the wearer's arm. This gives the watch power, so it doesn't need to be wound by hand or have a battery. Since 1984, we've worked to give the industry a new contract on life by making watches and accessories that are fun and easy to buy. Our Carlie collection, which you can wear anywhere, has a casual style with a touch of elegance. Our redesigned T-bar, which comes straight from our archives from the 1990s, is what makes this watch both classic style and versatile.

This watch has a case size of 35mm and a band size of 16mm along with automatic mechanical movement with a 3-hand analog display. This skeleton dial shows the intricate, hand-assembled inner workings of the watch; self-winding; hardened mineral crystal lens resists scratches; imported.

4. Best Automatic Field Watch Under 200$ – Vostok Komandirskie Military

Case Diameter: 42 mm Dial Color: Black Case Thickness: 15 mm
Water-Resistant Depth: 200 Meters Model Year: 2021 Case Material: Stainless Steel

If you are having professional responsibilities or business-related fieldwork then the best choice is automatic field watches which are high quality and affordable price. A good field watch is one that you can use both on Fridays at work and Saturdays in the woods. Our top field watch under $200 is the Vostok Komandirskie Automatic Self-Winding Men's Russian Military Wristwatch.


Defense departments such as the Soviet Union and the modern army use this watch because of its distinguishing qualities. Military watches became very popular, even among people who didn't know which end of a gun a bullet comes out of. This was mostly because they were very accurate, reliable, and durable.

The watch is also appealing because of how it looks. Its simple, functional design makes you feel like you belong in the tough world of combat professionals. The knowledge that Vostok gained while making the army watch was used to make our next special watch, called "Amphibian." This amazing watch with a stainless steel bracelet could go down to a depth of 200 meters. It's like a wrist submarine. The company's current philosophy is based on the success of its professional watches, which are mechanical watches that can keep accurate time at any temperature, in any environment, and withstand heavy pressure and blows.

It is anti-shocked and aluminates the hand which makes the vision of time clear but the glow-in-the-dark feature only extends to cover a dot every other hour in addition to the three hands, not the numbers themselves. The watch is one of a kind and truly remarkable. It is accurate in timekeeping and features a dial that is just for 24 hours. There is no battery. It winds itself, but if you don't use it for a few days, you have to do it by hand.

5. Best Automatic Dress Watch Under 200$ – Orient Bambino Ver. 2

Case Diameter: 40.2 mm Weight: 8 Ounce Case Thickness: 11.8 Millimeters
Water-Resistant Depth: 100 ft. Model Year: 2019 Case Material: Stainless Steel

Automatic dress watches are a very impressive brand for the decant people who want to be active in their life with reasonable and affordable watches.


The most important thing is that this watch runs fast right out of the box, which is not what the manufacturer intended (measured both in use and on a Time Grapher instrument). Blue's colored hand looks very beautiful and graceful. Its dial looks delicate just eggshell which is elegant and classic and the color has depth in it. The whole watch looks like it's a "work in progress," and the way it’s put together is very clear. Roman numerals usually go with 1/4-second chaptering, which is common on "sports" watches. A plain black rolled-edge strap looks much better and more authentic. However, some complaints are observed regarding this brand that the buckle is poor because the strap's width of 19 mm is completely a little bit silly.

6. Best Automatic Dive Watches Under $200 – Orient Mako II

Case Diameter: 41 mm Weight: 28 gms Case Thickness: 13 mm
Water-Resistant Depth: 660 ft. Brand Color: Silver Case Material: Stainless Steel

The versions with the best watch water resistance, gorgeous designs, and reasonable prices are the ones that you may wear and freely explore the deep ocean. Both digital and hands-on displays are frequently found in these affordable dive watches. They go well with a range of clothing, including diving suits, casual attire, and formal attire.


This Orient Mako II is an amazing and reasonably priced alternative. These Orient's reliable automatic movements are a genuine watch, with mechanical movement even though it can resist water resistance and pressure up to 200 meters, most of the web evaluations indicate that you only swim or snorkel while wearing it. Stainless steel is used to construct this durable item. It's a decent size in the middle, big enough to see but not so big that it looks like an ugly can strapped to your wrist. It is a gorgeous timepiece that displays luxury both in appearance and wearability. A watch on the balance of power that you will not be sorry for making this purchase because it is a cost-effective method of keeping accurate time.

7. Invicta Pro Diver 8926OB

Case Diameter: 40 mm Weight: 5.29 Ounce Case Thickness: 14 mm
Water-Resistant Depth: 660 ft. Model Year: 2011 Case Material: Stainless Steel


One of the most beautiful watches is this Invicta Pro Diver with a two-tone design of gold and stainless steel is formal, elegant, and not too flashy. It looks like a watch that a Professional would wear, so anyone who wears it will be seen as a professional right away and it is a classic watch that will always look good.

This Invicta watchmaker has been in business for a decade and makes beautiful, high-quality watches at reasonable prices. They are very proud of their history and work such as Invicta Pro Diver automatic (or "self-winding," as we used to say back in the day) watches, this one is thick, medium-sized, heavy, and feels solid and bank-vault-like, which is perfect for a man.

In reality, a mechanism inside the watch that is powered by your normal arm movements will wind it for you, so you won't have to do it yourself. Because of Invicta, "self-winding" is better, but this has kept time in a way that has amazed the users.

8. Vostok Amphibian 710

Case Diameter: 41 mm Model Year: 2022 Case Thickness: 16 mm
Water-Resistant Depth: 200 meters Brand Color: Orange Case Material: Stainless Steel


This watch is cool and is a good price for an automatic watch. The metal strap does its job better, but it is very thin and weak as getting a strap made of rubber, fabric, or metal from a different brand the knob becomes loose after some time or winding it. The glow in the dark isn't working, so you have to shine a light on it to make it glow. If you wear it all the time, you probably don't have to worry about it, but if you take it off at night, you will have to wind it every other day. Also, the date window is visible and easy to see, which the case with other watches isn't always.

9. Best Automatic Skeleton Watches Under 200$ – Invicta Skeleton

Case Diameter: 5.2 mm Weight: 8.82 Ounces Case Thickness: 16 mm
Water-Resistant Depth: 50 meters Model Year: 2014 Case Material: Stainless Steel

Your watch's internal mechanisms were visible and on display behind the viewing window. We realize how satisfying it is to observe the mechanism within a skeleton watch, just like you do.


It's a very unique watch for collectors however, it doesn't have a date or a Chrono, but it's complex because it has a skeleton design and interesting waterproofing. It's a classic manual wind that's hard to find these days. Keeps good time and is interesting to look at closely. The construction feels very high-quality all over. This transparent watch where shows its internal body side by side it's having laminated hands in the cage of stainless steel casing with a complicated dial that shows it’s working. It is water resistant up to 50 meters and is also suitable for washing hands or swimming in shallow depths.

10. Best Seiko Automatic Watches Under 200 – SEIKO 5 SNK807

Case Diameter: 37 mm Weight: 0.26 Ounce Case Thickness: 11 mm
Water Resistant Depth: 99 ft. Model Year: 2017 Case Material: Stainless Steel

In the world of fine watches, Seiko's advancement, measure time such as it has a long history of being dedicated to the art and science of the time In 1969, Seiko came out with the Seiko Astron, which fall under the first quartz watches that this brand include improvement and novel ideas related to the Seiko watches. This is the reason now Seiko is one of the best Brands which fulfill all the requirements of their users.


Seiko technology also set the standard for timing in sports and the Olympics when the user moves, the mechanical hand winding watch gets power on its own and you can see how much power you are making right away. The Seiko 5 SNK807 is high-tech made with high quality material with a boyish look that was made by master craftsmen at Seiko. This stylish watch has a blue analog face and a blue canvas band. In an instant, Seiko made wristwatches a lot more accurate.


In short, these best automatic watches under $200 are highly recommended since they allow you to experience high-quality timepieces at a very reasonable price, providing you with satisfaction and confidence. It's a wise decision to purchase that looks fashionable and provides numerous benefits to make your life easier. The lower price not only provides financial affordability, but also the joy of authenticity, elegance, and superior in every way over any other brand that costs a lot.

Finally, these best watches brands are appropriate for everyone, especially those who want to demonstrate their competence and confidence. Due to the distinctiveness of this brand item, people are drawn to it and begin a discussion about it. Automatic watches are strongly advised because they will significantly enhance your valuable presence and personality.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are batteries required for automatic watches?

Mechanical watches, both automatic and manual, are the only types of watches that function correctly even when not powered by a battery. In order to store and then release energy, mechanical timepieces include a component known as the mainspring. The natural body movements of the person wearing an automatic clock cause an oscillating rotor to spin, which in turn twists the mainspring.

2. Are automatic timepieces superior to manual ones?

Quartz watches are still very fine, but automatic watches have a significant advantage in terms of their longevity. Despite all of these challenges, automatic movement watches have managed to preserve their reputation as being long-lasting over the years. The use of high-quality materials is another primary factor that contributes to the perception that automatic clocks are superior to quartz models.

3. Is an automatic watch better than a solar-powered one?

Automatic watches have been around longer than solar-powered watches, but I would bet that solar is the more durable technology. I have solar watches that are still working well after 40+ years with little or no maintenance. Modern solar watches need very little light to keep working.

4. How long can you go without wearing an automatic watch before it stops working?

How long can a self-winding watch go without being worn before it stops? It is dependent on the movement of your watch. The majority of automatic timepieces have a power reserve of between 40 and 50 hours when fully wound. Some of the higher-end versions have a battery life that can last for days or even weeks.

5. Is it possible to fix automatic watches?

The query "Can any watch be repaired? The answer to this question is nearly always going to be yes; it is possible to repair any watch, regardless of whether it is made of glass or crystal, whether it is vintage or modern, or whether it is automatic or manual.