14 Best Outdoor Basketball Shoes 2024

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If you play basketball frequently on outdoor sports fields, your shoes get worn out shortly. It is because most basketball shoes manufacturers do not prioritize outdoor use.

Therefore, if you want to save money on changing your shoes, you should buy a sturdy pair that can withstand the strains of playing basketball outside.

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Unfortunately, popular shoe companies rarely produce shoes specifically for outdoor basketball. You should wear classic basketball shoes that hold up well in wet conditions if you didn't afford a pair of expensive Nike shoes with an outdoor durable rubber XDR sole.

Meanwhile, you'd need to read a long list of reviews to find out which shoes are the best for playing outdoors. This is why we have spent countless hours researching and testing hundreds of different pairs of outdoor basketball shoes so that you don't have to.

We understand that everyone has a somewhat different foot shape. Therefore it's essential to think critically before making a purchase. So, we compiled all the best outdoor basketball shoes used worldwide in 2024.

Wide Feet
Nike Lebron Soldier XIV

Nike Lebron Soldier XIV

Most Durable
Nike Air Max Impact 3

Nike Air Max Impact 3
For Street
Nike Kyrie 7

Nike Kyrie 7
Best of All Time
Nike Jordan Zion 1

Nike Jordan Zion 1
Most Grippiest
Nike Lebron 19

Nike Lebron 19

Quick Pick Section

If you're not interested in the entire article or don't have the time, we've picked our two favorite picks to help you out.

Best Overall - NIKE FLY By MID 3

Highlighting Features

  • • Based on customer reviews, the outdoor experience was rated 100 percent.
  • • The Nike Fly by Mid 3 easily holds its own compared to its competition.
  • • Those on a tighter budget can easily benefit from these shoes.

Best Runners-Up - NIKE AIR MAX IMPACT 3

Highlighting Features

  • • As rated by customers worldwide, these shoes are excellent for use in the great outdoors.
  • • It is a tremendously superior outdoor and traction shoe.
  • • This pair is a solid option for those searching for an outdoor-ready shoe.

Comparison Table

S.No. Products Price Range Amazon Rating Manufacturer
1 Nike Fly by Mid 3 $104 - $150 5 out of 5 Nike
2 Nike KD Trey 5 VIII $110 4.8 out of 5 Nike
3 Nike Kyrie 7 $250 4.6 out of 5 Nike
4 Nike Lebron 19 $103 - $317 4.6 out of 5 Nike
5 Nike Kyrie Flytrap IV $64 - $200 4.5 out of 5 Nike
6 Nike Jordan Zion 1 $100 - $190 4.4 out of 5 Nike
7 Adidas Harden Stepback $90 - $158 4.4 out of 5 Adidas
8 Under Armour UA Curry 8 NM Team $124 - $232 4.4 out of 5 Under Armour
9 Adidas Unisex-Adult Harden Vol. 6 $74 - $210 4.4 out of 5 Adidas
10 Jordan One Take 3 University $110 - $190 4.4 out of 5 Nike
11 Nike Giannis Immortality $55 - $258 4.3 out of 5 Nike
12 Nike Lebron Soldier XIV 14 $80 - $238 3.9 out of 5 Nike
13 Nike Precision 6 Black $88 - $147 3.8 out of 5 Nike
14 Nike Air Max Impact 3 $110 - $156 3.7 out of 5 Nike

List Of The Best Outdoor Basketball Shoes

We have outlined the key features of the shoes that can withstand the rigors of outdoor basketball below. After putting several basketball shoes from different designer lines through their paces, we finally settled on some choices.

Product # 1: Best Nike Basketball Shoes for Outdoor - Nike KD Trey 5 VIII

Mid Yes Lace-Up


The Nike Men's KD Trey 5 VIII is a terrific choice if you play outside basketball and prioritize stability and comfort. These trendy sneakers are far more bendable and airy than the other basketball shoes, thanks to their significantly lower drop. Furthermore, the rubber outsole features a herringbone tread pattern for enhanced court grip.

Meanwhile, the softer and more flexible materials mean that the break-in time is much shorter than it would be with standard basketball footwear. Also, the Trey 5 VIII is available in a wide range of colors; and the fashionable heel provides extra stability. The design of these shoes is well-suited to basketball, but you can wear them anywhere.

The Nike Men's KD Trey 5 VIII shoes meet the industry's highest standards. In conclusion, any player looking for a durable and responsive pair of shoes should consider the Nike Men's KD Trey 5 VIII pair.

Reasons to Buy
  • ➕ In terms of underside support, foam pods for the ankles are excellent.
  • ➕ To improve airflow, a cushioned tongue has been added.
  • ➕ The construction provides both breathability and support.
  • ➕ It is available in plenty of color combinations.
Reasons to Avoid
  • ➖ The fit of the shoe feels tight.
  • ➖ Some users may find the design overly simple.

Product # 2: Best Cheap Outdoor Basketball Shoes - Nike Fly by Mid 3

Low No Lace-Up


Undoubtedly, the latest upgrade of Nike's Fly by Mid family is one of the most outstanding models currently available at this price. The playing surface traction of the shoes is ideal for the players. As a bonus, it performs similarly whether you're playing on a clean or dusty court. You would love how it feels and makes you think while playing outdoors.

In addition, the cushioning of the shoe is also a pleasant surprise, especially for the low price. Moreover, Nike's Fly by Mid 3 also provides a secure, ground-hugging ride with adequate cushioning from the road's roughness. Moreover, they've excelled at their task.

All in all, you can count on the shoe to keep you from stumbling. The Nike Fly by Mid 3 is an excellent addition to your collection despite being Nike's least expensive basketball shoe.

Reasons to Buy
  • ➕ The padding of the shoe is indeed comfortable.
  • ➕ It provides an excellent grip and stability for the foot.
Reasons to Avoid
  • ➖ They seem to be made from low-quality materials.
  • ➖ The pair may only be suitable for people with narrow feet.

Product # 3: Best Indoor and Outdoor Basketball Shoes - Nike Kyrie Flytrap IV

Low No Lace-Up


Kyrie's affordable line of shoes has been a go-to for savvy shoppers for several years. Perhaps you're wondering if this latest, fourth version is more effective than before. Luckily, these indoor basketball shoes are one fantastic solution for outdoor courts, regardless of the time.

Unfortunately, outdoor courts don't usually offer the best traction. Therefore, the Nike Kyrie Flytrap IV will satisfy you at such times. The Phylon midsole lacks impact protection, which limits the shoe's use. The materials seem flimsy yet perform admirably, making each step a delight.

On the other hand, players with a wide-feet should order a size and a half larger in Nike Kyrie Flytrap IV. Meanwhile, the critics were united in their praise for the shoe, particularly its support aspect. When comparing low-priced options with sufficient support and decent cushioning, the Kyrie Flytrap 4 is the clear winner.

Reasons to Buy
  • ➕ They are incredibly light.
  • ➕ The internal band's lockdown is fantastic.
  • ➕ The shoes provide excellent arch support.
  • ➕ It incorporates adaptive padding.
Reasons to Avoid
  • ➖ There is poor shock absorption in the shoes.

Product # 4: Best Outdoor Court Basketball Shoes - Jordan One Take 3

Low No Lace-Up


The fourth option on our list is from Nike and is another popular favorite nike outdoor basketball shoes, even though its functionality may only suit some sports players. The footwear, however, is an excellent option for dedicated outdoor basketball shoes.

The Jordan One Take 3 has incredible features suitable for quick shooters but will disappoint wide-feet players. But this shoe's aesthetic appeal is, however, a definite positive. Furthermore, the shoes are so feathery and light that you won't even feel them when you play.

But that's not all they've got going for them; the pair is also relatively inexpensive. Because of its adaptability, the Jordan One Take 3 is a good outdoor basketball shoe option for players as well as students. The shoes are stylish and versatile, perfect for pairing with various outfits.

Thus, the Jordan One Take 3 is an excellent choice if you're looking for a pair of supportive and comfortable sneakers.

Reasons to Buy
  • ➕ The shoes offer a surprisingly firm grip.
  • ➕ The pair features a very lightweight and unobtrusive construction.
  • ➕ It is perfect for outdoor court use.
  • ➕ The shoes give a solid lockdown and support.
Reasons to Avoid
  • ➖ There is insufficient cushioning against shock.

Product # 5: Best Outdoor Basketball Shoes for Wide Feet - Nike Lebron Soldier XIV

Mid Yes Lace-Up


One more of our top picks is this pair of Nike LeBron shoes, praised by almost everyone nowadays. Mostly, this is because they feature an innovative double-lacing and toggling mechanism. Moreover, if you despise always having to tie your shoes while engaging in outdoor sports, you should immediately get them.

Moreover, you may adjust an internal sleeve to ensure a tight fit, no matter the wearer's foot size. The protruding tongue at the end of the Nike LeBron Soldier XIV design makes them easy to use. The jacquard fabric is breathable, long-lasting, incredibly soft, and comfortable to wear.

In addition, the Zoom Air softens the impact of each step by cushioning the wearer's midsole and heel. In addition, if you like a more subdued design, you have many color options. Also, an embroidered LJ silhouette enhances the Nike LeBron Soldier XIV’s overall look.

Finally, we've reviewed how the shoes may initially feel tight but loosen out to the proper fit after some use. The purchase of Nike LeBron Soldier XIV shouldn't keep you on the fence for long.

Reasons to Buy
  • ➕ The shoes feature an outdoor Herringbone outsole design.
  • ➕ The sole is made of robust and sturdy rubber.
  • ➕ It also provides a secure feel and is not too tight though.
  • ➕ There is a wide range of color choices available for the model.
Reasons to Avoid
  • ➖ Only some may like the design with laces.

Product # 6: Best Street Basketball Shoes - Nike Kyrie 7

Mid Yes Lace-Up


If you play basketball aggressively, Nike's Kyrie 7 is an ideal choice for you. Thanks to the shoes' excellent tread pattern, responsive cushioning, and form-fitting upper material, you'll feel like you own the court. That's all the features that a player needs!

The shoes are also lightweight and permeable for comfort and performance. This footwear is ideal for usage on any outdoor rough court, regardless of weather conditions. In other words, your toes won't get moist, nor your feet would get cold. Meanwhile, Nike's Kyrie 7’s slip-on style is also a big plus for sportspeople.

Hence, if you want a pair of basketball shoes that you can use off the court feel, you should get these. In light of this, basketball players of all skill levels should consider investing in the Kyrie 7.

Reasons to Buy
  • ➕ The shoes remain undisturbed by lateral motion.
  • ➕ Their prices, in light of their high quality, are surprisingly low.
  • ➕ The pair is suitable for athletes of all skill levels.
  • ➕ The shoes also provide an exceptional lockdown.
Reasons to Avoid
  • ➖ A brief break-in period is required.

Product # 7: Men’s Best Outdoor Basketball Shoes - Nike Giannis Immortality

Low Yes Lace-Up


The Nike Giannis Immortality received high praise for its excellent grip from reviewers. The rubber compound and the pattern's deep grooves worked exceptionally well for indoor courts. Despite this, the shoes performed admirably on outdoor courts with more excellent dirt and dust.

The overall length of the Phylon cushion was also commended. Furthermore, the Phylon's cushion of the shoes is firmer than that of competing budget models. But, the Nike Giannis Immorality sneakers include impact protection, which is a significant plus for basketball players.

Walking around on these materials used in the construction of the shoes feels good. All in all, for its low price, the Nike Giannis Immortality provides excellent performance. These shoes are for you if you are a regular player on the outdoor courts.

Reasons to Buy
  • ➕ The shoes provide an excellent grip.
  • ➕ The pair is lightweight and quick to react.
  • ➕ It also protects against impact and absorbs shock.
Reasons to Avoid
  • ➖ The shoes have inconsistent arch support.

Product # 8: Best Outdoor Hoop Shoes - Adidas Harden Stepback

Low No Lace-Up


The Adidas Harden Stepback is a significant step forward compared to its predecessors. The pair's traction has recently won praise for its excellence even on dusty surfaces, like outdoor courts. The Adidas Boost midsole, known for its responsiveness, reappears with a superior design and functionality.

The Adidas Harden Stepback is an ideal indoor shoe choice rather than an outdoor alternative. The materials will soften and adapt to your foot, making the shoes more wearable. The fit is also significantly more flexible as compared to the other models. As a result, most reviewers had no complaints about the sizing of the Adidas Harden Stepback.

Because of the superior materials and skilled construction, you may run, jump, and play without worrying about your feet slipping. Adidas has reinvigorated the Harden series with the release of Adidas Harden Stepback. In conclusion, you should continue with this choice because there is no other alternative.

Reasons to Buy
  • ➕ The grip is much improved over the previous version.
  • ➕ The Adidas Harden Stepback midsole is wholly padded for comfortable use.
  • ➕ The shoes provide reliable stability for a variety of court types.
  • ➕ It has excellent stability and lockdown for the ankles.
Reasons to Avoid
  • ➖ The pair requires some "break-in" time.

Product # 9: Most Durable Basketball Shoes - Nike Air Max Impact 3

Mid Yes Lace-Up


In terms of traction, the Nike Air Max Impact 3 is the best outdoor basketball shoe. They maintain their usual level of comfort regardless of the weather and hold up well even when it's wet and windy outdoors. However, a slim and snug fit may appeal to those who value stability.

Similar to the Nike LeBron Soldier, these sneakers excel in every facet of performance. The technology and ankle support are also top-notch. Furthermore, a herringbone tread pattern enhances grip in wet conditions. Also, the traction of Nike Air Max Impact 3 under various conditions is a nice bonus, especially given its low cost.

As a result of their plush insoles, these Nikes are top-notch running footwear. Max Air cushioning technology is included in the shoe's heel. Not only are they incredibly lightweight, but they also improve your playing comfort. As a result, you could run faster without slipping, leading you to excel in sports by purchasing the Nike Air Max Impact 3.

Reasons to Buy
  • ➕ The Slip-resistant and dust-proof design of the shoes.
  • ➕ It has a tremendous heel-to-ground hold.
  • ➕ The pair is ideal for use outdoors as well as indoors.
  • ➕ The shoes match well with the price.
Reasons to Avoid
  • ➖ The padding is less comforting than they claim to provide.

Product # 10: Best Low-Top Outdoor Basketball Shoes - Nike Precision 6

Low Yes Lace-Up


The current version of this series, the Nike Precision 6, is another superb shoe in this lineup. The shoes' gripping soles work well, especially considering the low price. Since this is a budget choice, there is no fancy technology in the shoe's padding. Considering their attributes, the boots are ideal for use on outdoor courts.

Although the Nike Precision 6 are responsive, they provide significantly no protection from shock. Meanwhile, the materials could be more high-quality, but they're comfortable enough to wear and will allow you movement. It is the one if you're looking for a supportive shoe for your basketball matches.

Critics have praised the support and tightness of the Nike Precision 6, despite its modest price. The Precision 6 is a great sneaker that any athlete can afford. Beyond its padding properties, it has a variety of other advantages.

Reasons to Buy
  • ➕ The shoes provide an outstanding outdoor court traction.
  • ➕ It has a deep and broad base.
  • ➕ It provides a firm grip on the foot.
  • ➕ The size runs true to size.
Reasons to Avoid
  • ➖ The shoes have an insufficient flexion.
  • ➖ They are not suitable for wide-feet players.

Product # 11: Best Youth Outdoor Basketball - Under Armour Curry 10

Low No Lace-Up


We can confidently state that the Flow traction on the amazing Under Armour Curry 10 shoes is top-notch in our review. As a bonus, the boots have exceptional traction. The cushioning is quick to respond and doesn't take up much space. The heel, however, adds some more movement to the whole thing.

Furthermore, the shoes' improved heel counter and structural support make them more secure than their predecessors. The Under Armour Curry 10 has better traction than last year's model, leading to even more impressive results than before. It allows very aggressive jumps for players.

People who wear Under Armour's Curry 10 will undoubtedly reap many advantages. Speed burst, pace, and scoring are prioritized in the construction of these shoes for shooters and other players. These outdoor court shoes are needed if you aspire to become a professional basketball player.

Reasons to Buy
  • ➕ The shoes have an incredible grip on basketball courts.
  • ➕ The Outsole deflects dust.
  • ➕ It has a perfect heel-to-toe crossover.
  • ➕ The construction is both light and sturdy.
Reasons to Avoid
  • ➖ The impact resistance is insufficient.

Product # 12: Best Outdoor Basketball Shoes of All Time - Nike Jordan Zion 1

Low No Lace-Up


Nike's Zion 1 basketball shoe features one of the most durable lateral outriggers ever. It has everything a player could need to stay safe on outdoor, bumpy courts.

It is due to the fact that the traction pattern is similarly sticky on brand-new courts. However, it is a dust magnet and requires frequent wiping on dirty surfaces. The combination of the soft foam midsole, Air Strobel, and Zoom unit in the heel creates a responsive and comfortable performance.

Furthermore, the shoes are cushioned and have a sleek design from heel to toe without being too springy. The Nike Zion 1 is a fantastic choice for an athlete's first pair of signature shoe due to its versatility and affordable price. You can rely on us to do well with the Jordan Zion 1 because they have excellent traction, a cushioned forefoot, and outstanding lateral support.

Reasons to Buy
  • ➕ The pair has stable, all-around traction.
  • ➕ It also has outstanding longitudinal support.
  • ➕ It provides terrific protection from impacts.
  • ➕ The pair also requires the shortest breaking-in time.
Reasons to Avoid
  • ➖ You may face inconvenient sizing.
  • ➖ It is not as resilient as stated outdoors.

Product # 13: Grippiest Basketball Shoes - Nike Lebron 19

High Yes Lace-Up


We recommend another fantastic Nike model as the best outdoor basketball shoes. However, let you know that the most recent iteration of LeBron's signature lineup has met with some criticism for its inconsistent traction. However, we have found the cushioning in Nike Men's Lebron 19 shoes legendary.

While the forefoot Zoom Air unit provides outstanding protection from impact, the shoe's responsiveness is maintained. Some players may experience a tight fit. Therefore, those with wide feet may consider ordering a size up for the Nike Men's Lebron 19. The materials start pretty hard but eventually give way to the pressure.

Moreover, a lot of attention was paid to the quality of the materials. Also, the top has excellent feather cushioning, so it feels smooth and comfortable right out of the box. Overall, featuring cutting-edge cushioning technology, luxury materials, and rock-solid support, Nike Men's Lebron 19 is a pleasure to play outdoor basketball in.

Reasons to Buy
  • ➕ The shoes feature a fantastic shock absorption.
  • ➕ It also has a superior Construction.
  • ➕ The Nike Men's Lebron 19 is an excellent fit.
  • ➕ It has a lockdown and steady support that you can count on.
Reasons to Avoid
  • ➖ The shoes are expensive for people on a tight budget.

Product # 14: Adidas Outdoor Basketball Shoes - Adidas Unisex-Adult Harden Vol. 6

Mid Yes Lace-Up


James Harden released its latest model for a mere cost of $80, which makes you wonder if it performs well as well. So, we respond that the herringbone traction pattern is effective on dust-free flooring. And because the Bounce padding is compressed tightly, the ride is firm and responsive but not very shock resistant.

Furthermore, for its price, the quality of the materials is impressive and beneficial to the wearer's performance on the court. If your budget is tight and you don't require super cushioned insoles, the Harden Stepback is a good outdoor basketball shoe option. Meanwhile, the lightweight Bounce midsole and Supergrip durable rubber sole of the shoes contribute to its impressive durability while keeping players' feet fresh throughout the game.

These James Harden basketball shoes are one of the best deals on the market right now. In conclusion, the low price of these shoes may mean they will perform better. Just give them a shot once, and we guarantee you'll be obsessed.

Reasons to Buy
  • ➕ The shoes provide long-term comfort.
  • ➕ It has a sturdy, slip-resistant sole.
  • ➕ It also features an adaptive midsole.
  • ➕ The pair has a good construction for arch support.
Reasons to Avoid
  • ➖ It might cause skin issues on the forefoot.
  • ➖ The shock absorption is weak.

How to Choose the Best Outdoor Basketball Shoes

How to Choose the Best Outdoor Basketball Shoes

When considering an outdoor basketball shoe pair, the three most crucial parts are the outsole, the midsole, and the upper. Meanwhile, your first stop should be the outsole when searching for a new pair of outdoor basketball shoes. However, the midsole and upper are primarily responsible for the durability and stability of your shoes.

Let's understand what to look for in a decent pair of outdoor basketball shoes. Our comprehensive analysis of consumer opinions on the best outdoor basketball shoes of 2024 has saved you a lot of time.

Factors to Consider in an Outdoor Basketball Shoe

It's crucial to keep these factors in mind if you want to get the most out of your brand-new pair of basketball shoes.

• Shoe Construction

Shoe Construction


We realize that playing out is more free-for-all and requires greater physical exertion. As a result, if you're a player who frequently performs crossovers, it's recommended that you invest in a pair of low-cut shoes.

On the other hand, high-top shoes give men who participate in challenging sporting situations more stability when they are on their feet.

Conversely, the mid-tops facilitate movement into and out of the designated working space. What you wear depends on the sports you participate in, so pick whatever works best for you.

• Durability



Durability is an essential consideration when it comes to outdoor shoes. When you play in severe weather conditions, your shoes will take a beating. Therefore, you should invest in durable, long-lasting outdoor shoes.

Additionally, it would be best to look for solid construction or high-quality materials. Plus, those bendable materials such as rubber, leather, and mesh are also ideal for use in the open air.

• Comfort



In addition to the essentials, you should wear shoes that are comfortable for your feet. When enjoying the outdoors, you may fall and land on irregular surfaces. Therefore, shoes with thicker midsoles or interior cushioning can aid in impact absorption and foot safety.

Additionally, supportive footwear is also a must. Always remember to choose shoes with a sturdy base that suit your pressing and pushing needs. Because after a day of basketball dunks and hops, your feet will thank the additional cushioning by your shoes.

• Ventilation



We all know that the high-intensity matches of basketball inevitably result in sweating. Therefore, ventilation is another crucial aspect of outdoor footwear. Basketball shoes with a mesh construction or other lightweight materials prevent overheating.

Air-permeable shoes are necessary. As you sweat a lot, your risk of developing skin issues increases automatically. In this regard, you should always opt for a breathable option.

• Appearance



In the end, footwear is a form of clothing. Therefore, there is no problem with prioritizing their design. You may choose a model that appears attractive due to its colors or layout without hesitation. However, we recommend you respect aesthetics rather than overly emphasize them. It should not be the primary decision factor when selecting shoes. Make sure that you possess all of the critical performance-based characteristics first, and then look for a stylish pair.


If you want to perform effectively on outdoor courts, mainly when it's scorching, you need to have the best outdoor basketball shoes. Likewise, improper footwear raises the risk of a foot injury and lowers performance.

Accordingly, the best outdoor basketball shoes must have traction, stability, and appropriate cushioning. So, take your time selecting the option that best meets your needs from the abovementioned choices. We hope to have helped you to the greatest extent possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the good outdoor basketball shoes?

The best outdoor basketball shoes are ones that enable optimal performance. So, even if you're a seasoned basketball player, you may need clarification about which traits are ideal for your sport.

You may thus prefer to get the best basketball shoes from your favorite brand. At the same time, a shoe that suits your game style, body type, and foot shape can considerably increase your performance on the court and prevent accidents.

2. Are basketball shoes suitable for outdoor courts?

Undoubtedly, yes!

Even though not every shoe is suited for outdoor basketball, any options listed above are suitable for long-term use.

3. Are Kyrie’s suitable for outside?

Most of Kyrie's footwear consists of gym shoes suitable for indoors. While the Kyrie 2 runs effectively on dry pavement, its design could be better for outdoor play.

Therefore, while considering outdoor basketball, Kyrie's may not be a favorable choice for players.

4. Are Kyrie 7 suitable for the outdoors?

Most likely not!

The Kyrie 7 is a good choice for court play; however, outdoor courts are less reliable than indoor courts. However, they are great if you only require shoes for short games and practices.

5. Are there different types of basketball shoes in the market?

Basketball shoes are commonly divided based on criteria such as manufacturer, court surface, necessary function, etc.

However, there are many hoop shoes, each with a unique design. There are different basketball shoe cuts. However, the variations are purely aesthetic and have no bearing on the shoe's functioning.

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