Brooks Divide 3 Review: Trail Running Shoe

Last Updated: March 07, 2024 | Author: Jake Thompson

Embark on an adventure with the Brooks Divide 3 from Brooks running lineup. The trail sneaker catches eyes and supports feet everywhere. Ever wondered how it feels to dash confidently across uneven landscapes? The Brooks Divide 3 review is here to show you, merging comfort with exploration. In this evaluation, we'll dig into every aspect of these sneakers, from their solid grip on rough terrains to the cloud-like cushioning.

We've tied our laces, put them to the test, and are geared up to dive into what makes the Divide 3 essential for trail lovers. Whether you're an experienced runner or just beginning, this in-depth review of the Brooks Divide 3 has insights for everyone. So, are you set to dominate the trails? Continue reading and uncover the magic of the Brooks Divide 3 with us!

Brooks Divide 3

Table of Content:

  1. Key Takeaways
  2. Table: Brooks Divide 3 Review
  3. Pros & Cons
  4. Design and Construction
  5. Upper Construction
  6. Midsole and Trailtack Outsole Features
  7. Fit and Comfort
  8. Performance
  9. Durability
  10. Comparison with Competitors
  11. Final Verdict
  12. Frequently Asked Questions

Key Takeaways

  • - The Brooks Divide 3 is one of the best trail running shoes that offers excellent breathability and comfort.
  • - Features a hybrid design with a slip-resistant outsole, making it versatile for various terrains.
  • - Equipped with a spacious toe area and adaptive fit, suitable for runners of all levels.
  • - Provides impressive grip and durability on both smooth roads and rugged or light trails, enhancing stability and performance.

Table: Brooks Divide 3 Review

Feature Details
Terrain Trail
Toebox Medium
Pronation Underpronation/Neutral Pronation
Supination Neutral Pronation
Arch support Neutral
Heel-to-toe drop 8mm drop
Weight (g) 285
Cushioning Firm
Orthotic friendly
Removable insole
Widths available Normal
Strike Pattern Heel strike/Forefoot/Midfoot strike
Arch Type High arch
Flexibility Moderate
Material Mesh
Season Summer
Forefoot height 22 mm
Heel height 30 mm

Pros & Cons

  • - Affordable.
  • - Durable with great traction.
  • - Comfortable for wider feet.
  • - Good trail protection.
  • No waterproofing.
  • Limited support for high arches/technical terrain.

Design and Construction

Brooks Divide 3

When looking at this running shoe, I noticed its amazing design and build which make it perfect for both city streets and rough trails. Its upper is strong but also lets your feet breathe, which is great when you're running long distances. The middle part has soft cushioning that feels good and helps you move quickly and easily. The bottom part of the shoe makes sure you don't slip, no matter where you're running.

As someone who runs marathons and tests out sports gear, I've found this shoe to be a standout.

Upper Construction

The Brooks Divide 3 shoes may have a big toe area which is super nice for my feet, especially on long runs. They fit all kinds of feet well because of this. I also really like the Divide 3 cushioning they added in the middle of the shoe, it makes it feel extra comfy (even though that's not exactly what we're talking about here). Plus, the top part of the shoe is made of a special mesh that keeps it strong and lets my feet breathe.

Feature Benefit
Big Toe Area Keeps my feet comfy and gives them space
Fits All Feet Good for any foot shape
Mesh Top Strong and lets my feet breathe

From my experience, these shoes are not just comfy but also great for different types of runs. Whether I'm jogging in the park or running a marathon, they've got me covered.

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Midsole and Trailtack Outsole Features

Brooks Divide 3

When looking for the perfect shoe that works great on both roads and trails, I found Brooks Divide 3 to be amazing. The new DNA loft midsole is super comfy yet gives that quick snapback you need when running. It's like the shoe is pushing you forward, making long runs feel a bit easier.

I've run on all sorts of paths with these shoes - from city sidewalks to muddy trails in the park. The outsole of the Divide 3 is amazing as it adjusts adjusts to give you the best grip.

This shoe is a solid choice for anyone who doesn't want to switch footwear when moving from the road to a trail. It's like a hybrid car but for your feet. It adapts, and you don't even have to think about it. In my runs across different terrains, this adaptability has been a game-changer. It feels like the shoe is doing half the work for you, which is exactly what you want when you're trying to beat your personal best or just enjoy a comfortable run.

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Fit and Comfort

In my many years of running marathons and helping others find the best gear for their runs, I've come across a pair of trail running shoes that stand out because of how comfortable they are. When you're running, especially on trails where the ground can be rough and uneven, it's important to have shoes that give your toes enough room. This is something I've found to be true with these shoes. They've a spacious area for your toes which is great, especially when your feet start to swell after being on the move for a long time.

Furthermore, the shoes keep your feet stable without making them feel squeezed. This balance between space and security is something not all shoes manage to achieve.

From my experience, whether you're a beginner or an expert runner, having a shoe that considers the natural shape and needs of your foot is crucial. These shoes do just that, making them a solid choice for anyone who loves trail running.

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I've run on many types of ground, from smooth roads to tricky trails, and finding the right shoe can make a big difference. Testing the Brooks Divide 3 on different trails for stability and responsiveness here is what I found:

On roads, these shoes stick to the ground well, making my run smooth and fast. They're also tough, so they don't wear out quickly from the hard pavement.

Furthermore, I was particularly impressed with how the Brooks Divide 3 performs on technical terrains. They grip the ground so well even if the terrain is uneven or is covered with small rocks. This makes you feel more stable and safe while running through the woods.

In one race, it rained, and the trail was slippery, but these shoes helped me keep my balance and finish strong. Whether I'm training on the city streets or competing on a forest trail, these shoes have been a great choice for me.


Along with other features that we counted, the Brooks Divide 3 stands tall for durability as well, and here is how:

  • 1. Materials: They're made with super tough mesh that doesn't wear out easily and soles that can handle a lot. This means they can take a lot of running without falling apart.
  • 2. How They're Made: They're put together really well with strong stitching and extra layers in just the right spots to keep them from getting damaged without making them stiff.
  • 3. Handling Wear and Tear: I've run on all kinds of paths with these shoes, and they're built to last, even on rough ground where shoes usually get beat up quickly.
  • 4. Good for Any Run: Whether I'm on a smooth track or a rocky trail, these shoes can handle it all without falling apart or losing their shape.

From my experience, these shoes are some of the best out there for runners who need something reliable for lots of miles on different types of ground. They've been a game-changer for me, keeping up with my running without needing to be replaced too often.

Comparison with Competitors

When we compare the Brooks Divide 3 with other running shoes, we look at how they are different and what makes each one special. Let's see how the Divide 3 stands next to the Hoka Speedgoat 5, Saucony Peregrine 13, and Brooks Cascadia 16.

  • - Brooks Divide 3 vs. Hoka Speedgoat 5: The Hoka Speedgoat 5 is like a fluffy pillow for your feet. It has a lot of cushioning, which means it's super comfortable, especially on rough trails. The Divide 3 is also comfy, but it's a bit more like a firm mattress than a soft pillow. If you like feeling like you're running on clouds, the Speedgoat might be your choice. But if you want to feel more connected to the ground, the Divide 3 is great.
  • - Brooks Divide 3 vs. Saucony Peregrine 13: The Saucony Peregrine 13 is known for its super grip. It's like having super-strong magnets on your feet that keep you from slipping on wet rocks or mud. The Divide 3 also has a good grip, but the Peregrine 13 is like the superhero of sticky shoes. So, if you run in slippery places a lot, the Peregrine might be better for you.
  • - Brooks Divide 3 vs. Brooks Cascadia 16: Comparing two shoes from the same family is like comparing siblings. The Cascadia 16 is the older brother that's a bit more serious and tough. It's built to protect your feet from rocks and sticks and can handle pretty much any trail. The Divide 3 is like the younger sibling who is a bit lighter and more playful. It's good for trails too but might be better for someone who doesn't need as much protection.

Check out our comprehensive review of Brooks Cascadia 16.

In short, if you want a shoe that's comfy and lets you feel the trail, the Divide 3 is great. But if you need more cushion, grip, or protection, the Speedgoat 5, Peregrine 13, or Cascadia 16 might be better picks. It's all about finding the right shoe for your adventures.

Final Verdict

The Brooks Divide 3 review reveals it's a top-notch trail shoe perfect for all adventurers. It's great for running on both streets and trails, thanks to its strong grip and comfy feel. The shoe has a roomy toe area, making it comfortable for long runs. It's also durable, handling different surfaces without wearing out quickly.

This shoe is especially good for people who like a mix of comfort and durability in one package. In simple terms, the Brooks Divide 3 is the best choice for runners who want a reliable shoe for every adventure.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the Brooks Divide 3 best suited for?

The Brooks Divide 3 is a neutral all-around road-to-trail shoe, perfect for runners who transition from city streets to easy and moderate trails. Its balanced design offers the versatility to tackle various terrains, making it ideal for new trail runners or those who enjoy mixing road running with light off-road adventures. Its traction ensures steady footing on both pavements and less technical trails.

2. How does the Brooks Divide 3 provide comfort on long runs?

This shoe features DNA Loft cushioning in the midsole, delivering a softer, plush feel underfoot that reduces impact during runs. The air mesh upper provides a breathable fit, keeping your feet cool and comfortable over longer distances. The moderate to low stack height ensures a smooth ride with enough cushioning without being too bulky, making it a great daily trainer for both road and trail runs.

3. What makes the Brooks Divide 3 durable?

Designed with durability in mind, the Brooks Divide 3 is a neutral shoe that comes equipped with a robust outsole that can withstand the wear and tear of both road running and trail use. The addition of a rock plate offers underfoot protection against sharp rocks and roots, while the mesh upper is constructed to resist abrasions from off-road elements. This shoe is built to last, ensuring reliable performance through many runs.

4. How does the Brooks Divide 3 trail running shoe fit?

The Brooks Divide 3 is true to size, providing a snug fit that secures the midfoot and heel counter to prevent slipping. The air mesh upper offers a flexible fit, accommodating a wider range of foot shapes with plenty of room for your toes to splay. Moderate arch support ensures comfort for a variety of foot types, making it a versatile choice for many runners.

5. Can the Brooks Divide 3 handle technical trails?

While the Brooks Divide 3 excels on road to trail and easy to moderate trails, it's designed more for comfort and versatility than tackling highly technical trails. Its traction and underfoot protection are sufficient for light to moderate off-road conditions, but seasoned trail runners may seek a shoe with more aggressive tread and stability for challenging technical terrains.

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