5 Methods How to Remove Scratches Out of Sunglasses

Last Updated: January, 01 2024

Protection of the eyes should always be kept a priority by everyone. You cannot neglect your eyes as they are the most sensitive organ in your body.

Therefore, Sunglasses are a must to wear when you're going outside in the sun while playing any outdoor sports. However, the most frustrating thing one could experience is the sunglasses getting scratched and disturbing your vision.

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To save you from this situation, we have put together a guide that includes all the hacks you can try to remove scratches from sunglasses. Please keep reading to find out what they are!

How To Fix Scratched Sunglasses?

There are various methods through which you can fix your scratched sunglasses. While some of them are known to be a myth, others work. Let's discuss them in detail to know what to do:

Method # 1: Baking Soda and Water

Method # 1: Baking Soda and Water

As for the easiest hack, we suggest using the blended mixture of baking soda and water. This method is accessible because of the constant availability of these household items at all times.

For a start, use a microfiber cloth to clean the glasses of your sunglasses. Afterward, make a thick paste of baking soda and water. Then, you have to cover the glasses completely with this baking soda paste through the careful application. Do not apply any paste to the frame, as it may damage the colors.

Lastly, wait for some time; and then clean your glasses very gently. We are sure you will get scratch-free sunglass by the end of the cleaning process.

Method # 2: Toothpaste

Method # 2: Toothpaste

We rank the use of toothpaste at number 2 due to its widespread usage all over the world. You won't believe it, but toothpaste has many benefits and uses.

Like we use it to treat skin burns, we can also use toothpaste to remove scratches from our sunglasses. You must apply a minute amount of toothpaste to the glasses. Ensure the glass gets toothpaste around every corner and no area is left behind.

Like the first method, wait some time and gently wash your glasses. Finally, dry your glasses with a microfiber cloth, and there you are; scratch-free glasses again!

Method # 3: Car Wax

Method # 3: Car Wax

Yes, vehicle wax is another excellent hack to remove scratches from your sunglasses. If you don't believe it, try it once.

Firstly, use a soft cloth to apply the car wax to your glasses in circular motion. Again, make sure you don't miss any spots on the glasses. Afterward, please wait for some time and wash it gently. We are confident that you will love the results.

However, for this hack, you need to be careful that you don't apply the wax anywhere else, as it may damage the frame of your sunglasses.

Method # 4: Sandpaper

Method # 4: Sandpaper

Like you, we were also amazed when we heard that sandpaper can help us get rid of scratches on our sunglasses. But they actually can!

The process is the same as mentioned above but has risks. We have had many reviews about this hack, and people complain that sandpaper may also cause scrubbing off on the mirroring.

Moreover, if your lenses are polarized, sandpaper may also damage that. Therefore, there may be better methods than this, but it can be an option.

Method # 5: Furniture Spray

Method # 5: Furniture Spray

A furniture wax is as useful for removing scratches on glasses as sandpaper. This is why we kept it for the last. But yet again, we can consider it an option if the others don’t work (which is not actually possible!).

To try it out, spray your glasses with a single coat. Please keep it for some time, and then wash it away. We hope, if not completely, the scratches will be gone partially.

How To Repair Prescription Sunglasses Scratches?

Repair scratches from Prescription Sunglasses

When considering prescription sunglasses, you need to be extra careful with them. Because a minor scratch on the glasses may substantially disrupt your vision and damage your eyesight. However, stop worrying if you have scratches on your prescription sunglasses.

We have a method that could save your glasses this time. Let's move on to discussing it in detail:

  • • Start cleaning it with mild soap and water, preferably lukewarm water.
  • • Please keep it for some time to dry.
  • • Then apply a minute amount of toothpaste to the glasses. Remember to avoid getting any on the sides of the sunglasses.
  • • After some time, rewash it and gently rub it with some soft cloth.
  • • Do this a few times to see if you see any difference in the scratches.
  • • You may repeat the process about 3 to 4 times, depending on how many scratches you need to get rid of.

How To Remove Deep Scratches from Sunglasses?

Deep Removal of Scratches

This category is mainly for athletes. We understand that some sports sessions may cause our sunglasses to fall off again and again. As a result, you might get deep scratches on your sunglasses. However, you may only have time to wipe them away; the scratches get more profound with time.

So, to ease the situation and let you keep using your favorite pair of sunglasses, we recommend the methods mentioned above. However, we want you to know that scratches, particularly the deep ones, do not likely go away instantly. After trying those methods, you may feel some difference, but not completely scratch-free sunglasses.

In addition, we would like to warn you not to use any chemicals on the glasses. There are loads of methods and hacks mentioned online to remove deep scratches using chemicals. But, they are of no use. In fact, such chemicals may damage your lens and frame as well. Therefore, if you can't save your sunglasses ultimately, keep them from getting damaged at most minor.

How To Remove Scratches from Plastic Sunglasses?

Scratches on Plastic Sunglasses

Well, plastic sunglasses are more prone to getting scratches than other options. Nevertheless, Toothpaste is also known to be a practical approach for these sunglasses. The method is yet again the same. Firstly, apply a small amount to the glasses; then wait to let them dry, and wash them away. Try drying your sunglasses with a soft microfiber cloth in a circular motion every time; so you don't get any more scratches while doing the hack.

Always remember to use White toothpaste because the color disappears immediately when you wash it. If you use some other toothpaste, you may feel a tint left behind on the lens after you wash it, and you would never want that.

How To Remove Scratches from Polarized Sunglasses?

Scratches Removal from Polarized Sunglass

The new trend in the market is Polarized Sunglasses, and why not? They're stylish, practical, durable, and valuable, all in one option. Nonetheless, you may get upset when your polarized sunglasses get scratched over them. We need to be careful while handling polarized sunglasses as a minor cut may cut off the polarized lens used in the glasses, which basically wrecks the gadget completely.

While considering the best methods, Toothpaste and Car Wax are researched to be the popular tried options. Carefully try these options and see if you see any better results. If yes, you may repeat the process after a few days. Conversely, if not, do not try anything again, as you may damage the lens even more.

Meanwhile, in this case, the best option is to replace your lenses; polarized lenses with scratches may affect your eyesight and your eyes in general. Or in other words, you may contact a professional to get their opinion on what's best.

How To Protect Your Sunglasses from Scratches?

Sunglasses Protection from Scratches

We hope all these methods may help you save your sunglasses. But we still want to advise you to be sensitive when handling your sunglasses. Keeping them clean and scratch-free in the first place is always the best option.

Following are some easy tips for you to handle your sunglasses better during daily use:

  • • Try getting sunglasses that have a scratch-free mirror coating on the lens. If it does, it may be less prone to getting scratches when falling off.
  • • Clean your sunglasses daily with a microfiber cloth. Use the fabric in a circular motion and with gentle hands to save it from scratches.
  • • Always keep your sunglasses in a hard case when not being used. The debris buildup may add to the scratches if you keep them on a kitchen counter or dining table.
  • • Try to avoid using them while playing vigorous sports involving consistent running, pushing, or falling. Because ultimately, if they fall off with pressure, scratches will surely come.

Final Verdict

We have listed the best options you could try, and we hope they are as effective for you as we believe them. We know these are tried-and-tested methods, but we cannot guarantee they will work on every sunglass. Nevertheless, the ideal option is to initially take care of your glasses to avoid scratches on them. As they say: “Protection is always the best precaution!”.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can scratches on sunglasses be removed?

YES! You can quickly get scratches removed from your sunglasses. But only if you try effective and safe methods, including toothpaste, car wax, baking soda, etc.

2. How do you fix scratched sunglasses?

You may fix scratched lens best by using baking soda. As per our reviews, it is the safest way as well as the easiest one. However, if it doesn't work, there are multiple solutions listed above in our guide to try.

3. Can you remove scratches from plastic sunglasses?

Yes, you can! While plastic sunglasses get scratched the most, they are the hardest to repair.

4. Is Polishing Glass Effective to Remove Scratches?

NO! Polishing glass or any other rough material may damage your glasses even more. Try using methods that involve gentle glass cleaning to avoid any further risks.

5. Does vinegar remove scratches from glasses?

YES! You may use kitchen vinegar (a few drops) to cleanse out your sunglasses. Apply it to the glass, dry it, and rinse it with cold water. Then, dry it with a microfiber cloth, and done! We hope you get rid of scratches from your sunglasses this way.