Keen Voyageur Vs Targhee - Which One is Better Hiking Boot !

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Walking in a pair of KEENs is like having a trusted companion on every trail, each with its personality. I've spent countless hours in both the KEEN Voyageur and the Targhee III Mid, scrutinizing their every stitch and sole.

The Voyageur, with its airy feel and nimble design, is a delight on warm, dry days when my feet beg for breathability. On the flip side, the Targhee III Mid, with its sturdy build and waterproof prowess, is my armor against the most unforgiving elements.

Keen Voyageur Vs Targhee

They're both contenders in the ring of outdoor performance, and I've taken it upon myself to dissect their strengths and shortcomings. Whether I'm aiming for a casual jaunt or a serious trek, choosing between these two is more than just picking a shoe; it's about matching my journey's demands with the right partner.

Table of Contents:

  1. Key Takeaways
  2. Comparison
  3. Overview and Features of KEEN Voyageur
  4. Comfort and Fit Analysis
  5. Waterproofing and Breathability
  6. Traction and Outsole Comparison
  7. Durability and Construction
  8. Style and Design Considerations
  9. Price and Value Assessment
  10. Frequently Asked Questions

Key Takeaways

  • - The Keen Voyageur is a durable hiking shoe with a leather upper and breathable mesh lining, while the Targhee III Mid features a waterproof nubuck leather upper and a KEEN.dry waterproof membrane.
  • - Both models offer enhanced stability and support with features like a stability shank and a contoured heel lock.
  • - The Voyageur is water-resistant but not fully waterproof, making it more suitable for warmer conditions, while the Targhee III Mid provides superior water protection.
  • - The Voyageur has a non-marking rubber outsole with multi-directional lugs for excellent traction on trails, while the Targhee III Mid has an all-terrain rubber outsole with aggressive lugs for superior grip on various terrains.


The most similar hiking boots compared

KEEN Targhee III Waterproof Mid KEEN Voyageur Mid
Feature KEEN Targhee III Waterproof Mid KEEN Voyageur Mid
Audience score 86


Best price Check on Amazon
Check on Amazon
Features Heel brake
Breathable - ✓
Lightweight ✓
Removable insole ✓
Waterproof - Waterproof
Heel brake
Breathable ✓
Lightweight ✓
Removable insole ✓
Water repellent
Use Day Hiking Day Hiking
Cut Mid cut Mid cut
Technology OrthoLite N/A
Weight 493g 459g
Season N/A Summer
Widths available Normal, Wide Normal
Material Leather Leather, Mesh upper
Collection Keen Targhee
# of colorways 24 8
Fabric N/A
Orthotic friendly

Overview and Features of KEEN Voyageur

I've set my sights on the KEEN Voyageur for its exceptional balance of ventilation and support. The hiking shoes feature a durable leather upper with breathable mesh lining and a removable metatomical dual-density EVA footbed. The construction of these hiking shoes is a testament to KEEN's commitment to quality and comfort.

With the Voyageur hiking shoes, one can expect a water-resistant experience, though they're not fully waterproof, which is a critical distinction for those traversing wet terrains.

The leather and mesh design not only contributes to its robustness but also ensures a high level of breathability. This prevents the build-up of moisture and keeps feet dry and comfortable. The non-marking rubber outsole offers reliable traction, making it suitable for a variety of outdoor landscapes. Moreover, the stability shank within the shoe provides additional support, which is vital when tackling uneven ground.

Analytically speaking, the KEEN Voyageur is a well-rounded choice for someone who prioritizes a mix of airiness and sturdiness in their hiking footwear. The design reflects a thoughtful consideration of the hiker's need for a shoe that can withstand rigorous use while maintaining a degree of comfort that prevents fatigue and discomfort.

Overview and Features of Targhee III Mid

Consistently lauded for its robust construction, the Targhee III Mid is a boot I've found to be exceptionally reliable when tackling the most demanding trails. With a foundation built on waterproof leather and mesh, this iteration of the Keen Targhee III offers a durable barrier against the elements, complemented by the breathable Keen.dry waterproof membrane.

The Targhee III Mid is more than just a protective shell for your feet; it's a meticulously engineered piece of gear designed to support and enhance outdoor performance. The following features stand out:

  • - Waterproof nubuck leather upper: Provides lasting durability and helps to keep feet dry.
  • - KEEN.Dry waterproof, breathable membrane: Ensures feet stay comfortable in various wet conditions.
  • - Contoured heel lock: Offers a secure fit and improved stability on uneven terrain.
  • - ESS stability shank: Works with the rubber outsole and metatomical dual-density EVA footbed to provide extra support and reduce foot fatigue.

These characteristics are thoughtfully integrated into the boot, ensuring a balance between comfort and rugged readiness. The Targhee III Mid's rubber outsole delivers dependable traction, essential for the unpredictable nature of wild landscapes. Whether ascending rocky inclines or traversing slippery creek beds, the stability and protection offered make it a top choice for serious hikers.

Comfort and Fit Analysis

In assessing the comfort and fit of the KEEN Voyageur and Targhee III Mid, I've noticed that each offers unique features that cater to individual preferences and foot shapes.

The Voyageur's breathable mesh lining and lightweight construction provide a comfortable experience, particularly in warmer conditions where keeping feet dry and comfortable is crucial. Its EVA footbed and roomy toe box allow for ample toe movement, which is beneficial during long treks.

On the other hand, the Targhee ensures dryness in wet conditions. The shoes feature a dual-density EVA midsole, catering to those needing extra support on uneven terrain. This comfort and fit analysis wouldn't be complete without acknowledging the generous toe box of the Targhee, which, like the Voyageur, permits comfortable toe splay.

Both shoes feature a contoured heel lock, though their approach to closure systems differs. The Targhee's speed lacing offers quick adjustments, while the Voyageur's traditional lace-up closure allows for a more customizable fit.

Waterproofing and Breathability

My analysis of the KEEN Voyageur and Targhee III Mid reveals that the Targhee's KEEN.dry waterproof membrane offers superior protection against water, while the Voyageur excels in breathability due to its mesh insets. In assessing these hiking shoes, it's crucial to understand the balance between keeping your feet dry and ensuring they don't overheat during strenuous activities.

The Targhee's waterproof capabilities are, without a doubt, its strong suit. The KEEN.dry waterproof technology is designed to provide a barrier that keeps your feet dry even in the wettest conditions. This feature is invaluable for those who trek through streams or get caught in the rain.

On the other hand, the Voyageur's design prioritizes ventilation:

  • - Mesh insets enhance air circulation, preventing overheating.
  • - The water-resistant upper still offers some protection from moisture.
  • - Its structure is aimed at providing comfort in warmer conditions.
  • - Despite less waterproofing, it maintains a balance between protection and breathability.

For rugged terrain, the Targhee's multi-directional lugs offer better grip while keeping moisture out.

In essence, the choice between these two may come down to personal preference for waterproofing versus breathability.

Traction and Outsole Comparison

Transitioning from the aspect of waterproofing and breathability, I'll now delve into the traction and outsole features of the KEEN Voyageur and Targhee III Mid.

The traction and outsole comparison between these two hiking shoes reveals tailored designs to enhance the user's grip on any terrain. The Voyageur, with its non-marking rubber outsole equipped with 4mm multi-directional lugs, offers excellent traction, particularly on trails where agility and stability are paramount.

In contrast, the Targhee III Mid's all-terrain rubber outsole boasts aggressive lugs that clamp down on various surfaces, ensuring a superior grip, especially in rugged environments. This design is particularly effective across different types of terrain, from muddy paths to rocky inclines, highlighting the shoe's versatility.

Both models exhibit a commitment to stability and support, essential for the unpredictable nature of outdoor excursions. However, the Targhee III Mid, with its leather upper, nylon shank, and contoured heel lock, may offer a slight edge in terms of overall stability compared to the more breathable Voyageur. This makes the Targhee III Mid a potentially more suitable choice for hikers who prioritize firm footing over ventilation in their footwear selection.

Durability and Construction

As we compare the Keen Voyageur and Targhee III Mid, it's clear that their durability and construction set them apart for different hiking needs and preferences.

The Voyageur's leather upper and mesh insets provide a balance between durability and breathability, making them comfortable to wear on warmer hikes.

In contrast, the Targhee hiking boots offer a nubuck leather upper paired with a KEEN. Dry waterproof membrane, targeting those who trek through wet conditions.

When examining the construction of these keen hiking boots, several key features stand out:

  • - The Voyageur's stability shank and secure lace-up closure contribute to torsion stability and overall durability.
  • - Targhee hiking boots feature a dual-density EVA midsole for extra cushioning, reinforcing its durability for rougher terrains.
  • - The waterproof construction of the Targhee is enhanced by a leather mud shield and nylon shank, ensuring long-lasting wear.
  • - Speed lacing on the Targhee adds convenience without sacrificing durability.

Both boots showcase KEEN's commitment to durable construction, but the Targhee is specifically built to endure tougher trails and weather conditions.

Ultimately, hikers can choose based on whether they prioritize breathability or waterproof protection for their adventures.

Style and Design Considerations

I've examined the functional aspects of the KEEN Voyageur and Targhee III Mid, so let's now turn our attention to their style and design elements. When considering keen Voyageur vs Targhee, the visual appeal of both hiking boots is quite distinct. The Voyageur has a more traditional, low-profile hiking shoe look, whereas the Targhee III Mid, with its mid-cut design, offers a more robust aesthetic that many find suitable for rugged terrains.

Here's a concise comparison table to illustrate the style and design considerations for each:

KEEN Shoes Style and Design Features
Men’s Voyageur Hiking Low-profile design, mesh insets, stability shank
KEEN Targhee Mid-cut for support, rugged appearance, speed lacing
Upper Material Voyageur: Leather with mesh; Targhee: Waterproof nubuck leather
Ventilation Voyageur: High breathability; Targhee: KEEN.Dry membrane
Aesthetic Voyageur: Classic; Targhee: Updated, all-terrain look

From an analytical and objective standpoint, the Keen shoes stand out for their tailored features. The men's voyageur hiking shoe is designed for those who prefer breathability and a classic look, while the keen targhee is for adventurers who require a secure fit and a design that supports all-terrain activities. Ultimately, style and design considerations will vary by individual preference, but both options maintain a commitment to quality and performance.

Price and Value Assessment

In assessing the price-to-value ratio of the KEEN Voyageur and Targhee III Mid, I'm struck by the former's affordability and the latter's premium features. The Voyageur, at $115, is undoubtedly a good choice for those on a tighter budget, yet seeking reliable hiking boots. Conversely, the Targhee III Mid's extra cost is justifiable for its waterproof hiking capabilities and robust design, priced at $145.

When considering Keen Voyageur vs Targhee, several factors play into the price and value assessment:

  • - Initial Comfort: The Targhee III Mid may require a break-in period to prevent blisters, impacting initial value perception.
  • - Durability: Both boots offer commendable durability, suggesting long-term value that can offset upfront costs.
  • - Waterproofing: Targhee's waterproof features might be a better option for those hiking in wet conditions.
  • - Warranty: The 2-year manufacturer's warranty for both models adds reassurance, enhancing the perceived value.

Objectively, both hiking boots present strong value propositions. The choice between them should hinge on individual needs and preferences. For those prioritizing waterproof features and are willing to manage a break-in period, the Targhee III Mid is a compelling pick, despite the higher price tag.

Frequently Asked Questions

1- Which KEEN Shoes Are Best for Hiking?

When choosing the best KEEN shoes for hiking, I consider terrain, weather, and personal comfort. It's essential to compare features like breathability, support, and waterproofing to find the ideal pair for my needs.

2- Is Keen Voyageur Waterproof?

I've researched extensively, and it's clear the KEEN Voyageur isn't fully waterproof; it's water-resistant. For hikes in wet conditions, you'd want a shoe with a waterproof membrane, like the KEEN Dry technology.

3- What Is the Difference Between KEEN Targhee 11 and Targhee 111?

I've researched the difference between the KEEN Targhee II and Targhee III. The Targhee III offers improved design, enhanced traction, and superior foot support compared to the older Targhee II model.

4- How Long Should a Pair of KEEN Hiking Boots Last?

I'd expect a pair of KEEN hiking boots to last several years with regular use, provided I care for them properly. Their durability is backed by a solid 2-year warranty from the manufacturer.

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