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Delve into the revolutionary comfort of On Cloud Shoes with our comprehensive running shoes review. Founded in 2010, On has soared in popularity, reaching high-level ubiquity in the athletic footwear market. Designed for the modern athlete, these shoes come packed with innovative features like the signature Cloudflow technology, ensuring a smooth and responsive stride with every step.

Whether you're a seasoned runner or an everyday enthusiast, the Hoka-inspired design promises unparalleled comfort and performance. Join us as we dissect the intricacies of these cutting-edge shoes in our Cloud shoes review, exploring their impact on the world of athletic footwear.

I'm going to share insights into how On Cloud Shoes, boasting the Cloudflow technology, have revolutionized the running experience, enhancing both comfort and performance for athletes worldwide.

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Table of Contents:

  1. Key Takeaways
  2. Pros & Cons
  3. Design & Technology
  4. Performance
  5. Responsiveness
  6. Stability & Support
  7. Comfort
  8. Cushioning
  9. Durability
  10. Our Recommendations
  11. Final Verdict
  12. Frequently Asked Questions

Key Takeaways

  • - On Cloud shoes are versatile, comfortable, and stylish.
  • - The shoes feature the Swiss flag on every right shoe.
  • - The shoes have undergone design tweaks and offer fresh color options each year.
  • - The shoes provide a responsive ride and are suitable for jogging and an active lifestyle.

Pros & Cons

  • - Lightweight and flexible
  • - Soft landings, explosive take-offs
  • - Versatile for various activities
  • - Breathable, durable materials
  • - Sustainable practices
  • - Can trap rocks
  • - Narrow fit
  • - Firm cushioning

Design & Technology

On Cloud shoes integrate innovative CloudTec technology, characterized by its distinctive sole made up of individual cloud-like pods that compress under impact for enhanced cushioning and a smoother ride. This revolutionary approach to the midsole design provides a balance between support and lightweight performance. The zero gravity foam employed in the construction of these pods contributes to the overall responsiveness of the shoe, enabling a quick and agile step.

The upper of On Cloud shoes is crafted from engineered mesh, which offers breathable comfort while conforming to the foot's natural shape. This material selection ensures both durability and flexibility, accommodating a wide range of movements. Additionally, the engineered mesh works in tandem with a lacing system designed for easy adjustment, creating a secure fit that reduces slippage without adding undue pressure on the top of the foot.

Sustainability is a key component of On Cloud's ethos, with the shoes incorporating a significant amount of recycled material. This commitment to eco-friendliness is evident without compromising the performance aspects of the footwear. The end result is a product that's conscientious, technically advanced, and highly effective for an active lifestyle.


Assessing performance, I've found their responsiveness to be on par with competitors like the Adizero Boston 6, thanks to their CloudTec outsole with strategically placed pods.

The shoes offer a stable ride with neutral support, which can be augmented with additional arch support if needed.

With a focus on support that On's running shoes tend to have, the molded heel counter and engineered mesh contribute to a secure and comfortable fit during various activities including a challenging 10km run.


The responsiveness of On Cloud shoes is a critical aspect of their performance. The CloudTec outsole's 17 Zero Gravity EVA foam pods and carbon rubber provide a firm yet fast cushion that aids in a swift transition from heel to toe. Each landing sees the CloudTec sole compress under pressure for shock absorption, then rebound to its original state, offering an explosive take-off. This mechanism ensures that energy return is maximized, propelling me forward efficiently.

The Zero Gravity EVA foam contributes to the responsive nature of these shoes. It creates a sensation of lightness while maintaining a durable structure. The result is a ride that feels both cushioned and dynamic, perfectly suited for an active lifestyle that demands quick, agile movements.

Stability & Support

While the responsiveness of On Cloud shoes contributes significantly to their performance, it's their stability and support features that cater to the biomechanical needs of runners, ensuring a balanced and secure run.

For those who prioritize stability in their footwear, these shoes offer commendable features:

  • - Stability Shoes: Engineered as stability shoes, they incorporate design elements that minimize excessive foot motion.
  • - Extra Support: Targeted areas provide extra support, which is crucial for runners who need extra support due to pronation.
  • - Heel and Pod Design: A robust heel counter aligns with the unique pod architecture on the outsole, enhancing stability during heel-to-toe transition.
  • - Cushioned Running: The CloudTec outsole ensures a cushioned running experience without compromising the shoe's overall stability.

These technical aspects are thoughtfully integrated to deliver stable, supportive, and cushioned running shoes.


When assessing the comfort of On Cloud shoes, the cushioning is a primary factor to consider.

I've observed that the CloudTec sole, with its pods, offers a distinct balance of soft landings and firm take-offs, contributing to overall foot comfort.

The shoes' engineered mesh upper, combined with the inner sock construction, aligns with the contours of my feet, minimizing any chafing or discomfort during wear.


On Cloud shoes' cushioning system, pioneered by their unique CloudTec technology, offers both comfort and impact absorption, delivering a soft landing followed by an explosive takeoff. The cloud elements, hollow pods on the sole of the shoe, work in unison with a special foam layer to provide that extra cushioning and support desired by many users.

  • - Cloud Elements: Hollow pods that compress for soft landings and provide a firm takeoff.
  • - Zero Gravity EVA Foam: Lightweight foam offering durability and improved energy return.
  • - Extra Cushioning: Targeted areas with additional padding for enhanced support.
  • - Helion Foam Work: Advanced compound that combines lightness with cushioning, designed to be softer and more responsive.

The precise engineering of these materials ensures a balance between a plush feel and responsiveness during various activities.


Considering the technical aspects of shoe construction, the durability of On Cloud shoes is a crucial factor for consumers who prioritize long-lasting wear in their footwear choices. As a leading running shoe brand, On has integrated innovative design elements to enhance the resilience of its cloud running shoes.

The individual cloud components, constructed from Zero Gravity EVA foam, are strategically positioned for optimal impact absorption and reduction of wear and tear.

Furthermore, the outsole's pattern, featuring sliced edges, is carefully designed to prevent debris accumulation, which can degrade the shoe's material over time. The mesh upper is reinforced with no-sew foil strips that provide structure while minimizing potential points of weakness that could lead to tears or breaks.

Each version of the cloud aims to balance weight and durability, ensuring that the shoes can withstand the rigors of daily use. Notably, On's commitment to sustainability is evident in their choice to use 44% recycled materials in their shoes, reflecting a dedication not only to the product's life span but also to the recycle and reuse ethos.

In essence, On Cloud shoes embody a durability that supports an active lifestyle without compromising on sustainability or performance.

Our Recommendations

Best for Running: Cloudmonster


The On Cloudmonster is highly regarded as a top choice for running due to its innovative features designed to enhance performance and comfort. With a unique blend of a snappy Speedboard and a high toe-spring rocker, it provides an efficient, energy-saving experience during long runs. Its comfortable, snug fit and design stability make it suitable for a wide range of running activities. The Cloudmonster is noted for its lightweight design and impressive cushioning, making it ideal for both fast-paced training and marathon races.

Best for Walking: Cloudstratus


The On Cloudstratus is celebrated for its exceptional cushioning and stability, making it a top pick for walking. Its double-layered Helion CloudTec midsole offers significant cushioning, extending to the forefoot for a comfortable ride. The shoe's Speedboard provides an unexpected level of responsiveness, contributing to a cushioned yet lively experience. The Cloudstratus also features a versatile outsole with multidirectional tread for excellent traction in various conditions, including wet and dry roads

Best for Nurses: Cloudflyer


The On Cloudflyer is a stability shoe with a comfortable, slightly wider fit, making it suitable for long periods of standing or walking, ideal for nurses. It features On's CloudTec cushioning and Helion foam work for a firm yet responsive ride, with added stability for those with flexible arches or mild overpronation issues. The shoe's plush, re-engineered mesh upper provides breathability and a soft feel, enhancing comfort during long shifts.

Best for Standing All Day: Cloudsurfer


The On Cloudsurfer is praised for its unique blend of comfort, cushioning, and plush ride, making it highly suitable for standing all day. It has exceptional comfort, noting its plushness underfoot, smooth transitions, and a ride that feels unique compared to other trainers. The heavily padded upper ensures supreme comfort, making it an excellent choice for casual walking or extended periods on your feet. Its accommodating fit for wide feet and true-to-size nature add to its appeal to a broad range of users

Best On Cloud Waterproof: Cloudventure


The On Cloudventure Waterproof is recognized for its exceptional trail performance, especially in wet conditions. It features a waterproof yet non-breathable upper, making it ideal for cold runs, and includes protective elements like a plastic-coated toe box and added heel padding, enhancing comfort and support on the trails. The shoe's updated outsole design offers improved grip and durability, avoiding mud accumulation, and incorporates On's CloudTec pods for a cushioned and responsive ride. Despite its waterproofing and protective features, the Cloudventure Waterproof remains relatively lightweight. It is praised for its downhill performance, with a Missiongrip outsole that provides excellent traction and cushioning.

Final Verdict

After a thorough examination of this On Cloud Shoes Review, it's clear that On Cloud shoes stand out as the best option for those who prioritize a blend of sustainability, comfort, and performance in their running gear. With their innovative CloudTec technology providing a unique balance of soft landings and explosive take-offs, and their commitment to using eco-friendly materials, these shoes not only elevate the running experience but also align with environmentally conscious values. The versatility, lightweight design, and durability makes their shoes suitable for a wide range of activities, while the breathable materials ensure comfort during long wear.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are Cloud Shoes Suitable for Running?

Absolutely! Cloud shoes, such as Cloudmonster, are among the best selling options for runners who want cushioned yet lightweight footwear. They're particularly popular among triathletes and Ironman participants due to their comfort, flexibility, and ability to run true to size.

2. What Makes Cloud Running Shoes Stand Out?

Cloud shoes stand out for their minimalist design, speed lace system, and lightweight construction. The brand offers models for a wide range of activities, favored especially for runners who enjoy a more cushioned feel around the heel. Additionally, their Helion foam technology helps reduce impact, also making them an excellent choice for runners who prefer comfort without sacrificing performance.

3. How Do Cloud Shoes Compare to Other Brands?

Compared to brands, Cloud shoes excel as versatile options for both road and trail running. Their lightweight build and speed lace make it easy to slip on, ideal for triathletes transitioning between disciplines. Plus, Cloud's classics discount page offers additional value for runners seeking quality at a reasonable price.

4. Which Shoe is The Best On Running Shoe?

The Cloudmaster stands out as the best choice On Cloud running shoes, offering unparalleled performance. Unlike typical trail running shoes, its light weight design and cushioned support make it ideal for runners who enjoy running long distances and triathlons. Utilizing innovative Helion foam helps to reduce impact and fatigue, providing a smooth and responsive ride. Its popularity as a best-selling choice attests to its durability and comfort, making it the top pick for runners seeking optimal performance.

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