Best ASICS Wrestling Shoes for a Dominant Performance

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Wrestling is a high energy sport demanding high quality gear to stay ahead. The difference between winning and losing might be as little as one step when it comes to shoe selection. For many years the wrestling community has relied on Asics as a reliable brand. The brand offer shoes that provide the perfect blend of support plus traction along with comfort.

In this guide we will dive into the best Asics wrestling shoes. We are going to highlight what you need to know before you buy. This guide is beneficial no matter if you are a seasoned pro or just a beginner. Finding out the right shoes don't necessarily have to be a daunting task. It can be the key to unlocking your full potential.

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Table of Content:

  1. Key Takeaways
  2. Asics Snapdown 3: Best for All-Around Performance
  3. Asics Aggressors 5: Best for Aggressive Wrestlers
  4. Asics Dan Gable EVO 2: Best for Advanced Techniques
  5. Asics Matflex 6: Best for Beginners and Training
  6. Asics JB Elite: Best for Speed and Agility
  7. Asics Split Second 9: Best for Lightweight Comfort
  8. Final Verdict
  9. Frequently Asked Questions

Key Takeaways

  • - Asics Snapdown 3 excels in comfort, grip, and strength for all-around performance.
  • - Asics Aggressors 5 offer durability, comfort, and support ideal for aggressive wrestlers.
  • - Asics Dan Gable EVO 2 enhances advanced techniques with flexibility and traction.
  • - Asics Matflex 6 is affordable, durable, and comfortable worth each penny you spend.
  • - Asics JB Elite prioritizes speed and agility with lightweight design and strong grip.

Asics Snapdown 3: Best for All-Around Performance

Asics Snapdown 3
Category Details
Sole Material Rubber
Outer Material Mesh
Kimono Inspired Tongue Design Yes
Shoelace Garage Keeps laces concealed
Mesh Underlays Yes

I love using the Asics Snapdown 3 when wrestling. They're great for all-around performance. These shoes mix comfort, grip, and strength perfectly, which is key for winning matches.

The Snapdown 3 helps me move fast and sure on the mat. One thing I notice is its amazing grip. The shoe's bottom is made to hold the mat tightly. This helps me make quick moves and stay balanced.

Besides grip, these shoes are very comfy. They fit snugly and support my feet well. This means I can focus on my match without worrying about foot pain.

  • - Lightweight design for quick movements.
  • - Durable rubber outsole for excellent traction.
  • - Comfortable and snug fit with lace closure.
  • - Breathable upper material to keep feet cool.
  • - Affordable price for entry-level wrestlers.
  • - Limited color options.
  • - May require break-in period for optimal comfort.

Asics Aggressors 5: Best for Aggressive Wrestlers

Asics Aggressors 5
Category Details
Sole Material Rubber
Outer Material Polyester
Closure Type Lace-Up
Ecsaine Upper Material Wraps your foot with a softer feel
Supportive Reinforcement Panels Help increase stability
Sockliner Features Produced with the solution dyeing process that reduces water usage
Additional Sockliner Benefit Improves traction on mat surfaces

The Asics Aggressors 5 are perfect for wrestlers who like to be aggressive on the mat. These shoes have a split sole which makes them strong plus long lasting. They also offer great comfort plus support which is super important if you want to dominate your matches.

  • - Strong and Durable: These shoes can handle the tough moves and rough surfaces in wrestling. They won't wear out easily.
  • - Very Comfortable: They've cushioned insoles and breathable materials. Your feet will feel good, even in long matches.
  • - Great Support: These shoes give you the stability you need for quick moves and strong takedowns.

If you need wrestling shoes that match your aggressive style plus offer durability plus comfort combined with support go for the Asics Aggressors 5.

  • - High-quality, durable construction for long-lasting use.
  • - Superior grip and traction.
  • - Comfortable and secure fit with lace garage technology.
  • - Breathable and flexible upper for enhanced performance.
  • - Great support and stability for intense wrestling matches.
  • - Higher price point compared to entry-level models.
  • - Slightly heavier than other wrestling shoes.

Asics Dan Gable EVO 2: Best for Advanced Techniques

Asics Dan Gable EVO 2
Category Details
Sole Material Mesh
Outer Material Mesh
Ortholite Sockliner Moisture management (Ortholite is a registered trademark of O2 Partners LLC)
Mesh Insole Improves ventilation
Additional Features Excellent grip

If you are looking to boost your wrestling skills with advanced techniques the Asics Dan Gable EVO 2 is the top pick. I have used these shoes myself for many matches. They really help you take your game to the next level. They are perfect for quick footwork plus precise movements.

One feature I love is the split sole design. It makes the shoes super flexible and provides great traction. This helps you pull off tricky moves easily. The shoes are also very durable, so they can handle tough training and competitions.

The sleek black design looks cool, which is a nice bonus. Plus, the unisole construction gives you a solid grip on the mat, so you feel stable and confident during matches.

  • - Great traction with Octipod™ outsole.
  • - Snug, sock-like fit with MONO‐SOCK® Fit System.
  • - Enhances agility.
  • - High-quality synthetic suede and mesh.
  • - Runs small; order at least half a size up.
  • - Narrow fit; may not suit wider feet.

Asics Matflex 6: Best for Beginners and Training

Asics Matflex 6
Category Details
Fabric Type Synthetic-and-mesh
Care Instructions Machine Wash
Origin Made in USA or Imported
Sole Material Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA)
EVA Sockliner Removable sockliner that provides cushioning performance
Mesh Insole Improves ventilation
Durability Feature Equipped with a California lasting for superior durability

I always suggest the Asics Matflex 6 for beginners and training sessions. It's perfect because it performs well and is super comfy.

  • - Affordable: The price is just right, making it a great deal for those new to wrestling.
  • - Durability: These shoes can handle tough training sessions and last a long time.
  • - Comfort: They've cushioned insoles and breathable materials, keeping your feet cool and supported.

If you are new to wrestling or just want solid training shoes the Asics Matflex 6 is a fantastic choice. It combines good performance along with comfort plus a fair price.

  • - Great traction with rubber sole.
  • - Comfortable fit with EVA sockliner and mesh insole.
  • - Durable synthetic leather and mesh upper.
  • - Affordable price point.
  • - Narrow fit may be uncomfortable for wider feet.
  • - Sizing issues.

Asics JB Elite: Best for Speed and Agility

Asics Snapdown 3
Category Details
Care Instructions Machine Wash
Sole Material Rubber
Closure Type Lace-Up
Additional Feature Rubber sole

I have found that the Asics JB Elite really boosts my speed plus agility on the wrestling mat. As a wrestler being able to move quickly plus easily is a game-changer. These shoes are specifically designed to help with that. They offer great support without losing any flexibility. When I wear them, they fit snugly, letting me make fast moves and quick changes in direction.

The lightweight design makes my footwork even faster, helping me outmaneuver my opponents. The outsole has great traction, giving me a strong grip that's helpful for quick movement during matches.

If you want to get faster and more agile in wrestling, I highly recommend the Asics JB Elite. They're made to help you move quickly and confidently, making them a top pick for any wrestler.

  • - Excellent traction with rubber split sole.
  • - Breathable mesh upper for comfort.
  • - Lightweight design enhances agility.
  • - Supportive fit with padded tongue and collar.
  • - Relatively high price.
  • - Limited cushioning compared to other models.

Asics Split Second 9: Best for Lightweight Comfort

Asics Split Second 9
Category Details
Fabric Type 100% Synthetic and mesh
Care Instructions Machine Wash
Sole Material Rubber
Outer Material Rubber outsole
Upper Features Supportive synthetic and mesh upper
Lacing Design Asymmetrical
Lace Garage Integrated "lace garage" holds excess laces
Cushioning Lightly cushioned footbed

When I hit the wrestling mat, I need shoes that are both light and comfy. The Asics Split Second 9 fits the bill perfectly. These shoes give me great support and let me move easily. They really change the game for wrestlers who want comfort and agility.

Here's why I love the Asics Split Second 9:

  • - They're super light, so I can move quickly.
  • - They keep my feet comfy, even in long matches.
  • - Asics designed them just for wrestling, so you know they're top quality.

Lots of athletes choose the Asics Split Second 9 because they focus on both comfort and performance. The lightweight build is perfect for quick moves and nimble footwork. Plus, their comfy design means I can focus on my match, not my feet. Asics really nailed it with these shoes. They mix lightweight agility with amazing comfort, making them perfect for wrestlers at any level.

  • - Lightweight design for quick movements.
  • - Breathable mesh upper for ventilation.
  • - Durable outsole for better grip on the mat.
  • - Affordable price
  • - Minimal arch support.
  • - May require additional cushioning for extended wear.

Final Verdict

An essential component of any wrestler's equipment are the best Asics wrestling shoes. Asics has been providing excellent solutions for a variety of uses on a regular basis. From the Asics Snapdown 3 which excels in comfort plus grip for allaround performance to the Asics Aggressors 5 which offers durability plus comfort for aggressive wrestlers.

All of the selected best Asics wrestling shoes are designed for enhancing wrestler's skills. It further gives a boost of confidence on the mat. Having the right shoes may make a huge difference regardless of your experience level.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are ASICS wrestling shoes worth the cost?

ASICS wrestling shoes are popular for using high quality materials in shoes. They may cost more than other solutions but it is worth the investment. You can constantly use them for wrestling. The cost is worth noting especially considering the potential for injury if you don't wear comfortable shoes.

2. How do I choose the right size for my ASICS wrestling shoes?

Selecting the appropriate size is essential when purchasing ASICS wrestling shoes. To ensure that you receive the proper fit, I advise taking a measurement of your foot. Consider purchasing a slightly larger pair of shoes if you are unsure about what to buy. You can comfortably modify larger shoes to fit your foot.

3. Are ASICS wrestling shoes available in different colors?

Yes ASICS wrestling shoes are available in different colors to suit your personal style. You can choose from traditional colors like white or black. They further have more vibrant options to make your shoes stand out. This lets you to select a pair that fits your favorite wrestling shoes.

4. Are ASICS wrestling shoes suitable for both men and women?

ASICS offers wrestling shoes both men's along with women's shoes. The shoes are specifically designed for high support plus traction for each gender. No matter if you are a male or female wrestler you can manage to find a pair of ASICS wrestling shoes that meets your needs.

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