Brooks Launch 9 and GTS 9 Comparison

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Nearly 65% of runners experience an injury every year, often due to inadequate footwear, which highlights the critical role of selecting the right running shoe for your needs.

You've likely encountered the Brooks popular Launch series in your search for the ideal shoe, and you're contemplating whether the Launch 9 vs Launch GTS 9 is the better fit for your feet. While both models share the same DNA—lightweight construction, responsive cushioning, and a penchant for speed—their divergence lies within their structural support.

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The Launch 9, with its neutral design, appeals to runners with a more consistent gait, whereas the Launch GTS 9 offers guide rails for enhanced stability, catering to those prone to overpronation.

As you weigh your options, consider the subtle differences in fit, feel, and function that could dramatically influence your performance and comfort.

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Table of Contents:

  1. Key Takeaways
  2. Table: Launch 9 vs Launch 9 GTS Comparison
  3. Design and Technology
  4. Comfort
  5. Cushioning
  6. Durability
  7. Performance Insights
  8. Support
  9. Key Specifications
  10. Frequently Asked Questions

Key Takeaways

  • - The Brooks Launch 9 and Launch GTS 9 are part of the Brooks Launch series and are designed for road and trail running.
  • - The Launch 9 is a neutral shoe, while the Launch GTS 9 offers support for overpronation.
  • - Both shoes provide a smooth and comfortable ride on roads, with excellent responsiveness for speed workouts and tempo runs.
  • - The Launch GTS 9 provides added stability for trail runners with overpronation and offers adequate cushioning for shock absorption on rocky terrain.

Table: Launch 9 vs Launch 9 GTS Comparison

Launch 9 Launch 9 GTS
Feature Brooks Launch 9 Brooks Launch 9 GTS
Cushioning Technology BioMoGo DNA midsole BioMoGo DNA midsole
with GuideRails support system
Arch Support Neutral Stability (GTS - Go-To Support)
Weight 8.20 oz 8.68 oz
Heel-to-Toe Drop 10mm 10mm
Upper Material Air mesh with synthetic overlays Engineered mesh with 3D Fit Print
Fit Standard fit Enhanced fit with GTS technology
Outsole Blown rubber HPR Plus rubber with Flextra
Midsole Full-length S-257 Cushsole BioMoGo DNA and DNA Loft blend
Support Type Neutral Stability (GTS)

Design and Technology

The design and technology of the Brooks Launch 9 vs Launch GTS 9 are foundational to their performance, incorporating advanced features like the BioMoGo DNA midsole and a Midfoot Transition Zone for optimal energy return and smooth transitions. The midsole's BioMoGo DNA is engineered to be responsive, adapting to your stride, weight, and speed to provide tailored cushioning. This responsiveness ensures that each step is energized, propelling you forward with less effort.

Both models feature a Creel Warp Mesh upper, which is designed for a lightweight and breathable fit. This material provides the support you need while remaining flexible, ensuring comfort throughout your run. The upper's construction is meticulously analyzed to deliver a secure fit without unnecessary weight or bulk.

The outsole of both running shoes is crafted for durability and traction. It's built to withstand the wear and tear of regular running while offering a reliable grip on various surfaces. The shoes' outsoles complement the midsole technology, working in unison to provide a stable platform that enhances your natural running motion.

From the ground up, the Brooks Launch series shoes are a synthesis of support, responsive cushioning, and enduring construction, all while maintaining a lightness that's essential for runners who demand performance without compromise.


When considering the Launch 9 vs Launch 9 GTS, you'll find that both models employ BioMoGo DNA midsole technology for cushioning. This feature is engineered to adapt to your stride, weight, and speed, providing a dynamic and personalized level of comfort.

It's crucial to examine how this cushioning performs under different running conditions and whether it maintains responsiveness while ensuring protection against impact.


Brooks Launch 9 and GTS 9-Hero-2

Cushioning in both running footwear is engineered with BioMoGo DNA midsole technology, offering runners a plush yet responsive ride that adapts to individual stride patterns for tailored comfort. The cushion provided by this technology ensures a soft underfoot experience, which is crucial for reducing impact during runs.

Analyzing the stack height, the Launch 9, as a neutral shoe, offers sufficient padding without compromising the connection to the road. The Launch GTS 9, a stability shoe, has a similar cushion level but with additional features aimed at controlling overpronation.

Both models are designed to balance a soft ride with the necessary support, whether you're seeking a neutral platform or require stability features for your running mechanics.


Over time, both the Brooks Launch 9 and Launch GTS 9 prove to be resilient, showing minimal wear even after extensive use on various terrains. The durability of these models is a testament to the quality materials and construction used by Brooks.

The outsole rubber provides a solid foundation that withstands the repetitive pounding of the road, maintaining its integrity mile after mile.

When you're considering an update to your running shoes, you must weigh the longevity of the shoe. The Launch 9 and Launch GTS 9 are nearly on par in this respect, both crafted to offer sustained performance over time. The difference in weight between the two is marginal, with the Launch GTS 9 being slightly heavier due to its additional support features. However, this added weight doesn't significantly impact the shoe's durability.

Furthermore, the rubber outsoles are designed to deliver not only traction but also durability. The strategic placement of harder rubber in high-wear areas ensures that both models can handle the demands of serious road running. Whether you're clocking a quick 5k or going the distance in a marathon, these shoes are built to last, ensuring that you get the most out of your investment.

Performance Insights

Delving into the performance aspects, you'll find that both Brooks running shoes excel in delivering a seamless transition from heel to toe, enhancing your running efficiency with every stride.

For the neutral runner, the Brooks Launch 9 offers a balanced ride that's both responsive and cushioned, making it ideal for those who have a natural gait without excessive inward rolling, or overpronation. Its lightweight build contributes to its speed-friendly nature, allowing for quick foot turnover.

On the other hand, the Launch GTS (Go-To Support) 9 caters to runners who require a bit more stability. With the integrated GuideRails holistic support system, the Launch GTS 9 maintains the lightweight and speedy characteristics of the Launch series while adding essential support for overpronators. This ensures that your body's natural motion path isn't disrupted, even when fatigue sets in.

Both models feature a Midfoot Transition Zone, which is designed to propel you forward, optimizing the phase when you shift from landing to toe-off.

The performance insights suggest that whether you're a neutral runner or in need of support, both the Brooks Launch 9 vs Launch GTS 9 offer a reliable and high-performing experience for various running endeavors.

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When it comes to support, the Launch GTS 9 features a holistic GuideRails system that's engineered to keep your stride in check, catering specifically to runners who tend to overpronate. Unlike traditional stability shoes that focus solely on correcting foot motion, GuideRails offers a more nuanced approach. They're designed to be unobtrusive, activating only when your feet deviate from a neutral path, thus providing support that's both adaptive and subtle.

The Launch GTS, part of the GTS shoe range, offers a stable platform that's essential for maintaining a consistent gait cycle. This makes them a preferable option if you're seeking both comfort and support in your running regimen. The GuideRails system works in tandem with a well-cushioned midsole, ensuring a ride that isn't just supportive but also exceptionally comfortable.

In contrast, the Launch 9 is a neutral shoe, free from the GuideRails technology. This makes it more suitable if you have a naturally stable stride and don't require additional support. The absence of GuideRails in the Launch 9 provides a lighter and more flexible feel, which can be more conducive to your natural foot movement if stability isn't a concern.

Key Specifications

Both the Brooks Launch 9 GTS and Launch 9 feature a stack height of 10 mm, catering to your need for a cushioned yet responsive ride during runs. As a runner, you're likely looking for a shoe that offers a balance between a plush underfoot feel and a design that won't hold you back. These models are engineered to meet those needs without compromise.

Let's break down their key specifications:

Specification Brooks Launch 9 Brooks Launch GTS 9
Weight (Men/Women, ounce) 8.2/7.1 8.6/7.5
Fit Neutral Stability (GTS)
Design Feature Lightweight GuideRails Support

The Launch 9 is crafted with a lightweight design that tips the scales at a mere 8.2 ounces for men and 7.1 ounces for women. This makes it a prime choice for those of you prioritizing speed and agility. In contrast, the Brooks Launch GTS is slightly heavier due to its GuideRails support technology, yet still maintains a competitive weight of 8.6 ounces for men and 7.5 ounces for women.

Both shoes share the same mm drop, emphasizing a more natural running position. The Launch 9's neutral fit is ideal if you have a standard gait, while the Brooks Launch GTS caters to those who require a bit more stability in their stride. Regardless of your choice, each design ensures that you, as a runner, get the support and comfort necessary for your runs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can the Brooks Launch 9 or Launch GTS 9 Be Used as Everyday Casual Wear Shoes, or Are They Specifically Designed for Running Only?

You can certainly use the Brooks Launch 9 or Launch GTS 9 as everyday casual wear. They're designed for running, but their comfort and style make them versatile for daily activities too.

2. How Do the Brooks Launch GTS 9 and Launch 9 Accommodate Orthotic Inserts or Custom Insoles for Runners Who Require Specialized Foot Support?

You'll find both Brooks Launch 9 and GTS 9 have removable insoles, making room for your orthotics. The generous toe box ensures a comfy fit, even with added inserts.

3. Are There Any Special Washing or Care Instructions for the Brooks Launch GTS 9 and Launch 9 to Maintain the Integrity of the Shoes' Materials and Design?

To care for your shoes, avoid the washing machine. Instead, use a mild soap, cold water, and a soft brush. Air dry them away from direct heat to preserve the materials and structure.

4. What Is the Environmental Impact of the Brooks Launch 9 and Launch GTS 9, Considering the Materials and Manufacturing Processes Used?

You're considering the environmental impact of your running shoes, focusing on materials and manufacturing. Both models use sustainable practices, like Brooks' Green Rubber outsole, balancing performance with eco-consciousness in their production.

5. How Do Runners Transition Between the Brooks Launch 9 and Launch GTS 9 if They Are Unsure About Their Pronation or if Their Pronation Changes Over Time?

You'll want to analyze your gait carefully, ideally with a professional. If pronation changes, a gradual switch to the appropriate model, considering comfort and stability, will ensure a smooth transition in your running routine.

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