Saucony vs Asics Running Shoe Comparison

Last Updated: March 28, 2024 | Author: Jake Thompson

When you lace up for a run, the right shoes can make all the difference. That's where the showdown between Saucony and Asics comes in—two giants in the world of running shoes. Ever wondered which brand suits your stride best? Whether you're sprinting on a track, tackling a trail, or hitting the pavement for a casual jog, each brand offers something unique.

Saucony vs Asics isn't just about picking shoes; it's about finding your perfect running partner. We'll dive into what sets them apart, from cushioning and comfort to durability and design.

Ready to take the first step to better runs? Keep reading to discover which shoe might be your new favourite. Let's get started on this exciting journey together!

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Table of Content:

  1. Key Takeaways
  2. Table: Saucony vs Asics Running Shoe
  3. Pros & Cons
  4. Heritage and Brand Evolution
  5. Innovation Showdown: Technology and Design
  6. Performance
  7. Stability
  8. Sustainability Efforts
  9. Our Recommendations
  10. Final Verdict
  11. Frequently Asked Questions

Key Takeaways

  • - Saucony is renowned for its running shoes with innovative cushioning and a focus on runner community and heritage.
  • - Asics, originating in Japan, emphasizes the harmony of mind and body, with a commitment to health and technology in shoe design.
  • - Asics offers shoes with shock-absorbing technology and a snug midfoot fit, catering to different running terrains and preferences.
  • - Saucony's range includes shoes with special cushioning for a bouncy feel and stability.
  • - Both brands are committed to sustainability, using recycled materials and environmentally friendly manufacturing processes.

Table: Saucony vs Asics Running Shoe

Saucony Asics
Feature Saucony Asics
Cushioning Technology PWRRUN/PWRRUN+ for responsive cushioning GEL technology for shock absorption
Support Types Neutral, Stability Neutral, Stability, Motion Control
Popular Models Ride, Kinvara, Guide Gel-Kayano, Gel-Nimbus, GT-2000
Upper Material Engineered mesh, FORMFIT designs Engineered mesh, FLEXION FIT
Outsole Technology XT-900 carbon rubber, TRI-FLEX AHAR+ high abrasion rubber
Recommended Use Road running, Trail running, Racing Road running, Trail running, Daily training
Pronation Control Models available for overpronation Models available for overpronation and under pronation
Innovations SPEEDROLL Technology for propulsive ride Uses FLYTEFOAM technology for lightweight feel and cushioning

Pros & Cons

Saucony Running Shoes

  • - Wide range of options for different running styles.
  • - Attention to current fashion trends.
  • - Specific models for overpronation and wide feet.
  • - Hybrid designs for road and light trail running.
  • - Higher price point.
  • - Limited width options and color choices.

Asics Running Shoes

  • - Gel technology for shock absorption.
  • - Diverse range tailored for stability, cushioning, and lightweight needs.
  • - Focus on heel stability and support.
  • - Durable outsoles for various terrains.
  • - Some models are considered heavy.
  • - Traditional design may not appeal to all.

Heritage and Brand Evolution

Saucony started in a small factory by a river but has grown to be known worldwide for its exceptional running shoes. Another brand, ASICS, began its journey in Japan after the war, focusing on the philosophy of "Anima Sana In Corpore Sano" - a sound mind in a sound body, and it's also a top choice for athletes worldwide. When comparing both brands, it's evident how both brands have evolved by innovating and nurturing their communities of runners.

I've noticed that Saucony focuses on innovation, ensuring they're always at the forefront with the latest technology. It has been a game-changer during my training sessions, especially when aiming to beat my personal bests. Saucony shoes don't just look good; they perform well, too, providing both comfort and advanced technological features.

On the other hand, ASICS emphasizes the importance of balance between mind and body, which I find very valuable. Running isn't just a physical activity; it's also about mental strength. Wearing ASICS running shoes, I feel a sense of peace and readiness, which is crucial during a race or even a casual morning jog. This philosophy helps runner's maintain a healthier, more balanced approach to their training and races.


Innovation Showdown: Technology and Design

When you're looking for the right running shoes, it's crucial to think about what your feet need to stay happy and perform well. I've run countless marathons and tested many shoes from brands like Saucony and ASICS to find what works best. Let me share some insights based on my experiences.

Some Saucony shoes come with special cushioning that gives your feet a bouncy feel, making it easier to keep going. This kind of cushioning in Saucony shoes is great for feeling energized with every step.

Then, there are ASICS running shoe models designed to fit your feet perfectly. Imagine an ASICS shoe that adjusts to your foot's shape as you move. I've worn these on long runs, and the comfort is unbeatable. It's like the shoe is a part of your foot, moving smoothly with you.

Another type of shoe I've tried, from Saucony, has a different kind of cushioning that's all about absorbing shock. When your foot hits the ground, this Saucony cushioning takes in the impact, making each step comfortable. It's like running on a soft path, even on hard ground. This feature is a lifesaver during long races when your legs and feet start to feel the strain.


When looking for the perfect running shoes, I always think about what a runner needs most. Some Saucony shoes are great for running anywhere, from muddy trails to smooth roads. They have a good grip and last a long time, which is helpful when I'm running in different places. They running shoes feel comfy and quick on my feet, which I love.

Then, some shoes from Asics are amazing for running long distances on roads. They have got this special cushioning that makes my feet feel protected, especially when I'm running for a long time. This is super important to me because it helps me keep going without my feet hurting.

In my experience, I've found that Saucony shoes are better for switching between different kinds of runs. On the other hand, Asics are the best choice for those long runs on the road.


Saucony vs Asics-cushion

When looking at running shoes, it's key to find ones that keep you safe and comfortable. Some Saucony shoes I've run in are great for fast runners, focusing on being light and quick. Others from Asics are better for those who need extra support, especially if your feet tend to roll inwards a lot.

From my marathons and long runs, I've noticed that Asics shoes with good stability can make a difference. They help keep your feet in line and prevent pain. I've run in Saucony shoes with cushioning that feels like a soft pillow under your feet, soaking up the shock with every step.

In my experience, for those who need a lot of support because their feet roll inwards, Asics running shoes with high stability are the best. They come with extra cushioning and support that have saved my runs many times, keeping injuries at bay. On the other hand, if you're all about speed and don't need as much support, Saucony offers lighter shoes that let you zoom without holding you back.

Sustainability Efforts

One type of shoe from Saucony uses materials that have been used before - like plastics from old water bottles - to make something new. This is great because it means less trash in landfills and oceans. I remember running a marathon in a big city, wearing these Saucony shoes for the first time. They weren't just comfortable; I felt good knowing I was doing a bit for the environment.

Then, there's another type of shoe made by Asics, folks who care about the planet at every step of making their shoes. From the start to the finish, they think about how to make things better for the earth. This commitment shows in the quality of the Asics shoe. I've worn these on long training runs through forests and always admired how they managed to blend performance with care for nature.

Both types of shoes from Saucony and Asics show that you can have amazing sports gear without harming the planet. They prove that being mindful of the environment can go hand in hand with creating top-notch sports equipment.

Our Recommendations

Below given is the list of best models from each brand selected through rigorous testing.

ASICS GEL Nimbus 25

Material: Engineered mesh upper for breathability and fit.
Sole Material: FlyteFoam technology for lightweight cushioning.
Outsole: AHAR for durability and traction.
Drop: 8 mm heel-to-toe drop.
Special Features: GEL technology cushioning, Ortholite X-55 sockliner, 3D SPACE CONSTRUCTION.

The ASICS GEL Nimbus 25 is an amazing running shoe, offering a snug fit around your midfoot and a secure heel lock. It feels like wearing a sock, thanks to its best fit design and breathable uppers.

With a super lightweight yet responsive feel, it has a wider surface to prevent twisting. The shoe's cushioning is like a soft layer, with a grid of holes for extra comfort. If it fits you well, it's a great choice for any runner.

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ASICS GEL Kayano 29

Material: Engineered mesh for breathability and fit.
Sole Material: GEL technology and FlyteFoam for cushioning and bounce.
Outsole: AHAR (ASICS High Abrasion Rubber) for durability and grip.
Drop: 10 mm.
Special Features: Dynamic Duomax Support System for stability, MetaClutch Technology for better heel-holding, Guidance Trusstic System Technology for gait efficiency.

The ASICS Gel-Kayano 29 is a top-notch shoe from Asics, perfect for runners who need stability and comfort. It has special features like a bouncy midsole, a secure fit, and extra support for stability. This shoe is great for long-distance running and has been improved over 29 years to make it even better for runners.

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ASICS Gel-Cumulus 25

Material: Engineered mesh upper for breathability and support.
Sole Material: FLYTEFOAM® midsole for lightweight cushioning.
Outsole: AHAR® rubber in critical areas for durability.
Drop: 8 mm.
Special Features: I.G.S® Technology for natural gait, 3D Print Upper for forefoot support, reflective details for visibility.

The ASICS Gel-Cumulus 25 is a special shoe model from ASICS. It stands out because it has a super comfy cushion called Gel. This makes running or walking feel really good, like stepping on a soft pillow.

It also fits your feet perfectly, thanks to its smart design. This shoe is great for anyone who loves to move around a lot, offering a smooth experience.

Saucony Guide 16

Material: Engineered mesh upper with 3D printed overlays.
Sole Material: PWRRUN foam midsole.
Outsole: Durable rubber with high-wear area reinforcement.
Drop: 7.8 mm.
Special Features: FORMFIT technology for custom fit, medial post for overpronation support, lightweight design.

The Saucony Guide 16 is an amazing shoe from Saucony that many people love. It's designed to make running easier and more comfortable, thanks to its supportive cushioning. This shoe helps keep your feet stable, so it's great for long runs or if you're on your feet all day.

It's also very durable, meaning it can last a long time even if you wear it a lot. Plus, it looks cool and comes in many colors, making it a favorite for runners and anyone who wants a comfy, stylish shoe.

Saucony Ride 15

Material: Engineered mesh upper, comfortable and breathable.
Sole Material: PWRRUN foam midsole, soft and responsive.
Outsole: Rubber strips for durability, exposed foam for grip.
Drop: 8mm heel-to-forefoot drop.
Special Features: Lightweight, rocker-shaped midsole for efficient movement, improved cushioning.

The Saucony Ride 15 is a fantastic shoe from Saucony, known for its comfort and durability. It's designed to make running feel easier and more enjoyable, thanks to its cushioned sole that protects your feet. The shoe is lightweight, so you won't feel weighed down, and it fits perfectly, making it great for long runs or quick jogs. Whether you're a beginner or a pro, the Ride 15 offers the support and performance you need.

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Saucony Triumph 21

Material: Engineered mesh upper for breathability and comfort.
Sole Material: PWRRUN+ cushioning for a plush, responsive feel.
Outsole: XT-900 Carbon Rubber for durability and traction.
Drop: 10.5mm.
Special Features: High energy return, suitable for various paces and distances, with excellent traction and a comfortable fit for slightly wider feet.

The Saucony Triumph 21 is an awesome pair of shoes that really help your feet. When you put them on, it's like your foot sits snugly inside, feeling just like a sock. This is because of the cool technology is known as PWRRUN and something known as FlyteFoam. They work together to keep your foot in place while adding a soft layer of cushioning under it. This makes the shoe lightweight and super comfy to wear, kind of like a high-tech trainer.

Final Verdict

After diving into the world of running shoes and exploring the unique qualities of both running shoe brands, it's clear that the best choice depends on what you value most in a running shoe. Saucony stands out for its cushioning and trendy designs, perfect for runners seeking a mix of performance and style. Asics shines with its shock-absorbing Gel technology and dedication to stability, ideal for those who prioritize comfort and support.

When comparing Saucony vs Asics running shoes, the winner is determined by your needs and preferences. Whether you're after the bouncy feel of Saucony's cushioning for long runs or Asics' snug fit both brands offer top-notch options.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which brand is better for runners with narrow feet, Asics or Saucony?

Asics running shoes are great for people with narrow feet. They are designed to make sure the foot sits snug right in the middle, offering a tighter fit especially around the midfoot and heel. This ensures your foot sits in the shoe, almost like the shoe is hugging your foot, which is perfect for stability during runs.

2. How do Asics and Saucony provide comfort for longer runs?

Asics uses gel cushioning to add an extra layer of comfort, which is especially helpful for longer runs. Saucony, on the other hand, features technology known as PWRRUN that gives excellent cushioning and a responsive feel, keeping you comfortable mile after mile. Both brands are designed to prevent blisters and ensure your feet feel good throughout your run.

3. What makes Saucony shoes unique for people who prefer a wider toe box?

Saucony shoes are designed with a wider toe box, ideal for runners who need extra space for their toes to move. This design, combined with their use of elastic and non-elastic mesh, ensures a breathable and flexible fit, allowing for natural foot expansion during runs. It's ideal for those looking for comfort and a natural feel in the toe area.

4. How do Asics shoes support overpronators?

Asics running shoes are well-suited for overpronators because they often include a technology called FluidFit, along with an external heel clutch and a TPU heel plate. These features work together to lock in the heel and support the midfoot, preventing the foot from twisting too much during runs. This support helps overpronators maintain proper form and reduce the risk of injury.

5. Can you compare the durability and traction of Asics vs Saucony running shoes?

Both Asics and Saucony use high-quality materials to ensure durability and traction. Asics often utilizes a rubber compound in the heel and forefoot for grip and longevity, while Saucony uses an XT-900 carbon rubber compound for enhanced traction and durability. Both brands' shoes are designed to last around 400 miles, making them reliable choices for regular runners and walkers.

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