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Embarking on an exploration of eco-friendly fashion, I landed on the innovative doorstep of VIVAIA, a footwear brand that stands out for its unique approach to sustainability by transforming discarded plastics into stylish footwear. Their ethos of blending environmental responsibility with fashion piqued my interest, especially since they prioritize both ecological integrity and aesthetic appeal in their shoe designs.

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In this Vivaia review, I'll share my honest thoughts on how these shoes stack up in terms of their green credentials, comfort, and looks. Let's see if whether or not VIVAIA collection really stands out or if it's just another step towards sustainability.

Table of Contents:

  1. Key Takeaways
  2. Brand Overview
  3. Sustainability
  4. Quality
  5. Design and Style
  6. Comfort
  7. Vivaia Shoes Sizing
  8. Pros & Cons
  9. Our Recommendations
  10. Final Verdict
  11. Frequently Asked Questions

Key Takeaways

  • - Vivaia offers a wide range of footwear options, including boots, flats, heels, and more
  • - The brand focuses on sustainability by creating shoes made from 100 % recycled plastic water bottles and using eco-friendly materials.
  • - Vivaia's shoes are well-made and durable, with customers reporting that they hold up well over time.
  • - The sizing of Vivaia shoes is generally true-to-size, but some heels may run slightly small. Flats are recommended for people with wide feet.

Brand Overview

In assessing Vivaia's brand ethos, sustainability emerges as a core principle. They've positioned themselves as an eco-conscious choice by utilizing recycled materials for their footwear.

Their commitment to ethical production and packaging reflects a trend towards more environmentally responsible fashion.


Vivaia is a sustainable shoe brand and is evident in their innovative use of recycled materials to craft their footwear, presenting a fusion of eco-conscious production with contemporary design.

They've adopted sustainable practices that transform recycle water bottles into the soft, flexible fabric of their shoes, an approach that's not only eco-friendly but also speaks to the brand's environmentally-friendly ethos.

Their recycled knit fabric uppers are a testament to their dedication to reducing waste and promoting a more sustainable footwear fashion industry.

By reimagining what fashion can be, Vivaia shoes set an example for how brands can prioritize the planet without compromising on style.

Their actions align with a growing consumer demand for products that support a healthier environment.


Assessing the quality of VIVAIA shoes reveals that the brand's commitment to sustainability doesn't compromise the durability and comfort of its products. The materials, primarily recycled water bottles, are transformed into a soft and flexible fabric that's surprisingly high-quality. It's not at all plastic-like, which one might expect from shoes with such an eco-friendly profile. They've managed to engineer a knit that's both stretchy and breathable, crucial for comfort and hygiene.

When it comes to comfort, VIVAIA has integrated features like arch support and cushioned footbeds—characteristics that aren't always a given in eco-conscious footwear. The insoles are designed to wick away moisture, a thoughtful touch for those who wear their shoes throughout a busy day. Additionally, many of the styles, including the Vivaia flats, sneakers and boots, are machine washable. This not only adds to their sustainability credentials but also ensures that the shoes are easy to care for and can maintain their appearance over time.

From an analytical standpoint, the durability of VIVAIA shoes also stands up to scrutiny. The stretchy material accommodates various foot shapes and sizes, while the structure of the shoes, including elements like the anti-slip outsoles, indicates that they're built to last. It's clear that VIVAIA hasn't overlooked quality while championing sustainability.

Design and Style

While assessing the sustainability and comfort of VIVAIA shoes, it's equally important to consider their design and style elements which cater to both aesthetic appeal and functional versatility. Delving into the VIVAIA design ethos reveals a commitment to creating shoes that aren't only environmentally conscious but also comfortable and stylish.

The knit upper, a hallmark of the sustainable footwear brand, is meticulously crafted from recycled bottles, presenting a textured look that's both sophisticated and modern. The pointed-toe silhouette, as seen in models like the Melia flats, adds a touch of elegance, making them suitable for professional settings or evening events. Additionally, the sleek design doesn't compromise on comfort—a feature often praised in VIVAIA shoes reviews. The flexibility of the knit cloth material accommodates various foot shapes, enhancing the overall fit and feel.

The brand's color palette ranges from classic neutrals to vibrant shades, ensuring there's one pair of shoes to suit any wardrobe. Whether it's the practicality of the Tara Pros rain boots or the fashion-forward nature of the Melody Pro pumps, VIVAIA's commitment to style is evident. Aligning with current trends while maintaining timelessness, their footwear collection stands as a testament to the brand's design acumen.


Delving into the realm of comfort, it's clear that VIVAIA shoes prioritize ergonomic design to ensure a snug yet flexible fit for the wearer. From my honest experience, the brand seems to understand the importance of comfort, especially when it comes to daily wear. The cushioning provides a soft bed for my feet, which is essential for long periods of standing and comfortable to walking all day. Moreover, the arch support is a welcome feature, helping to alleviate the stress on my feet throughout the day.

In terms of care, the fact that these shoes are machine washable is a game-changer. It means that maintaining the freshness and comfort of the shoes is as simple as tossing them into the wash.

For those with wide feet, finding shoes that are comfortable shoes can be a challenge. However, VIVAIA seems to cater to a variety of foot shapes and sizes, ensuring that the fit isn't too tight or restrictive. Here's a quick breakdown of my experience with the comfort aspects of VIVAIA shoes:

Feature Benefit Suitability
Cushion Soft, comfortable wear All-day use
Arch Support Reduces foot stress Wide feet
Machine Washable Easy care Busy lifestyles

Vivaia Shoes Sizing

Navigating the sizing chart of Vivaia shoes can be somewhat perplexing due to its complexity and variations across different styles. When I first approached the task of selecting a size for a pair of flats, I found that the brand generally suggests their shoes fit true to size. However, I discovered that some customers reported the flats fit perfectly, while others recommended sizing up, especially in styles with a more narrow toe box.

The heel area is another critical aspect to consider. In my experience, a snug fit around the heel is essential to prevent slipping, and Vivaia seems to have designed their shoes with this in mind. For instance, the Melia Pointed-Toe flat comes with heel cushions to avoid blisters, which I found quite helpful for maintaining a comfortable fit throughout the day.

The size of the flat is paramount, as an improper fit can lead to discomfort or even injury. I scrutinized the size guide provided and measured my foot to compare against their chart. This extra step proved worthwhile, ensuring the pair of Vivaia shoes I selected provided the intended fit and support.

Pros & Cons

  • - Eco-friendly materials
  • - Comfortable enough to wear
  • - Stylish and versatile designs
  • - Durable and quality build
  • - Machine washable
  • - Inconsistent sizing
  • - Insoles may flatten over time

Our Recommendations

Vivaia Shoes Bunions

Vivaia Aria 5

Vivaia Aria 5

  • - Materials: Eco-friendly, made from recycled plastic bottles and hemp fibers.
  • - Comfort & Fit: Wide toe box, stretchy, with excellent cushioning. True to size.
  • - Design: Chic pointed toe, available in multiple colors, versatile.
  • - Sustainability: Zero waste production, recyclable materials.
  • - Durability: Machine washable, though insole may compress.

The New Aria 5 flats are ideal for individuals with bunions due to their innovative design featuring a wider toe box, which allows for greater comfort and accommodation of wider foot shapes. Made with stretchy material, these flats always coming out with new designs conform to the foot, reducing pressure on sensitive areas and ensuring a snug, yet comfortable to wear fit. Their eco-friendly construction, utilizing soft and flexible materials, further enhances comfort, making them a top choice for those seeking relief from the discomfort bunions often cause

Vivaia Shoes Wide Feet

Vivaia Margot Mary Jane
Vivaia Aria 5

  • - Materials: Eco-friendly, likely with recycled content.
  • - Comfort & Fit: Good for wide feet/bunions; stretchy.
  • - Design: Classic Mary Jane, versatile.
  • - Sustainability: Zero waste, recyclable.
  • - Durability: Machine washable; durability varies.

The Vivaia Margot Mary Jane shoes are an excellent choice for individuals with wide feet, thanks to their flexible design and eco-friendly, stretchable materials. These shoes provide ample room and comfort, ensuring a perfect fit for wider foot shapes without sacrificing elegance or environmental responsibility.

Vivaia Shoes Narrow Feet

Melia Pointed-Toe Flat
Vivaia Aria 5

  • - Materials: Eco-friendly, recycled knit.
  • - Comfort & Fit: Comfortable, size up in hot climates.
  • - Design: Pointed-toe, multiple colors.
  • - Sustainability: Zero waste, recyclable.
  • - Durability: Durable, spot-clean only.

The Melia Pointed-Toe Flat is ideal for those with narrow feet, offering a sleek and elegant design that ensures a snug fit. Its pointed-toe silhouette enhances the foot's slender appearance, making it a stylish and comfortable choice for daily wear or formal occasions.

To explore more comfort options check out our top picks for best shoes for Disneyland.

Final Verdict

VIVAIA shoes excel as a top choice for eco-conscious consumers seeking style, comfort, and sustainability. Their innovative approach of using recycled materials without compromising on quality or design sets them apart. Despite the sizing challenges, the benefits like machine washability and versatility make them ideal for everyday wear. If you're looking to make a positive environmental impact with your fashion choices, VIVAIA shoes are the way to go, offering a perfect blend of eco-friendliness and practicality.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where are VIVAIA shoes made?

VIVAIA shoes are manufactured in China. The brand is known for its sustainability practices, using recycled materials like plastic bottles in their production.

2. Are VIVAIA shoes comfortable?

Reviews suggest that VIVAIA shoes are incredibly comfortable, attributed to their soft, flexible, and breathable material made from recycled water bottles.

3. Do VIVAIA shoes run true to size?

It varies some find them true to size, while others recommend sizing up if you're in between sizes. The brand offers guidance on sizing for their variety of shoes, including flats and sneakers.

4. Are VIVAIA shoes good for bunions?

Yes, VIVAIA shoes can be suitable for people with bunions, thanks to their soft and stretchable materials that provide comfort and accommodate wider feet.

5. Where to buy VIVAIA shoes?

VIVAIA shoes are available on their official website, where they offer a wide range of styles including Vivaia boots, flats, and loafers. They also feature sustainable and washable options

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