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The increasing popularity of the Brooks brand is evident in the anticipation and positive reception surrounding the release of the Ghost 15. Building upon the celebrated foundation of its earlier versions, the Ghost 15 introduces enhanced features, including an updated midsole with DNA LOFT v2 cushioning that promises a softer, more responsive ride. The shoe's engineered mesh upper has been refined for better breathability and fit, ensuring comfort over long distances. In our comprehensive testing, we've undertaken a thorough evaluation to provide an honest review of the Brooks Ghost 15, helping you determine if it's the right fit for your running needs.

Our analysis covers key aspects such as the shoe's comfort, responsiveness, durability, and versatility across different terrains and distances. We've put the Ghost 15 through its paces, comparing it to its predecessors and competitors in the market, to give you a clear perspective on its performance enhancements and where it stands in the realm of reliable daily trainers. This Brooks Ghost 15 review aims to offer valuable insights into the Ghost 15's capabilities, ensuring you make an informed decision on whether it aligns with your exciting running profile and expectations

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Table of Content:

  1. Key Takeaways
  2. Table: Brooks Ghost 15 Review
  3. Performance
  4. Design
  5. Upper Construction
  6. Midsole & Outsole Features
  7. Comfort
  8. Stability & Support
  9. Durability
  10. Final Verdict
  11. Frequently Asked Questions

Key Takeaways

  • - The Brooks Ghost 15 is a lightweight and comfortable neutral running shoe.
  • - It features an upgraded midsole with DNA Loft v2 cushioning for a smooth and firmer ride.
  • - The shoe has a durable outsole rubber with great traction, making it suitable for daily training and long-distance runs.
  • - While not versatile for track or speedy workouts, the Ghost 15 is a reliable and classic choice for runners of all experience levels.

Table: Brooks Ghost 15 Review

Feature Description
Pace Daily running
Toebox Medium
Pronation Underpronation, Supination, Neutral Pronation
Cushioning Plush
All-day Wear
For Beginners
Arch Support Neutral
Heel to Toe Drop 12mm
Weight 286g
Orthotic Friendly
Removable Insole
Sockless Wear
Distance Long distance
Strike Pattern Heel strike
Flexibility Flexible
Arch Type High arch
Material Mesh
Release Date Nov 2022
Most Searched Colors White, Black, Oyster Alloy White, Camo
Forefoot Height 23mm
Heel Stack Height 35mm


Brooks Ghost 15

When it comes to performance, the Brooks Ghost 15 doesn't disappoint, offering a stable and consistent ride ideal for long-distance runs.

  • - Analyzing the shoe's specs, the transition from DNA Loft v1 to v2 foam in the midsole is noticeable; it provides a balance of softness and durability, essential for the repetitive impact of running.
  • - The 12mm drop caters to heel strikers, and the engineered mesh upper with padded tongue ensures breathability and comfort.
  • - Despite its heftier weight compared to competitors, the Ghost 15 doesn't feel cumbersome underfoot.
  • - Its outsole's blown rubber offers reliable traction, making it a trustworthy choice on varied surfaces.
  • - Objectively, while it lacks the responsiveness desired by some for faster workouts, it excels in its designed role: a high-mileage trainer.

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Brooks Ghost 15

Moving on to the design aspect, it's essential to examine the upper construction, which employs an engineered mesh material, offering both breathability and a secure fit.

The midsole's introduction of DNA Loft v2 foam provides a balance of softness and responsiveness, a noteworthy upgrade from the previous version.

Meanwhile, the outsole features blown rubber that contributes to the shoe's durability and traction, an aspect that shouldn't be overlooked when considering overall performance.

Upper Construction

Brooks Ghost 15

The Brooks Ghost 15's upper is crafted from an engineered mesh that offers a balance of flexibility and structure, catering to a snug yet comfortable fit. This design allows for breathability while running, ensuring that my feet stay cool and dry. The material feels durable, suggesting it'll hold up well over many miles.

Key details include a practically seamless construction, which minimizes the risk of irritation or blisters. I've observed that it wraps around the foot securely, providing support without unnecessary tightness. Brooks has paid attention to the fine-tuning of the upper, as it accommodates natural foot movement without compromising on lockdown.

Midsole & Outsole Features

Brooks Ghost 15

Delving into the heart of the Brooks Ghost 15, its midsole and outsole components showcase a thoughtful design that prioritizes a balanced running experience.

The introduction of DNA Loft v2 foam in the midsole represents a significant upgrade, offering a softer, more responsive cushioning compared to its predecessor. This foam ensures a smooth transition from heel to toe, which is crucial for maintaining comfort during long runs.

The outsole is constructed with blown rubber, providing durability without sacrificing flexibility. The traction is reliable, even on wet surfaces, thanks to the well-designed tread pattern. Strategically placed grooves allow for natural foot movement, while the 12mm drop supports a heel-striking gait.

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Slipping into the Brooks running shoe, I immediately notice the plush comfort that the engineered mesh upper and DNA Loft v2 cushioning provide. The shoe envelops my foot with a gentle yet firm embrace, balancing softness with the necessary support for a run. It's not just a subjective feeling; the specifics of this comfort are quantifiable, as the table below illustrates.

Feature Description Impact on Comfort
Engineered Mesh Provides structured and breathable fit Enhances upper comfort
DNA Loft v2 Cushioning that's soft yet responsive Improves underfoot feel
Padded Collar Soft padding around ankle Increases overall plushness

My analytical take highlights the cohesiveness of these elements. They work in concert to deliver a seamless, comfortable ride, which is apparent from the first step to the last mile.

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Stability & Support

Brooks Ghost 15

While the Brooks Ghost 15 ensures a plush comfort that cossets the foot, its stability and support features merit an equally thorough examination to assess their contribution to the shoe's overall performance.

As a neutral running shoe, it doesn't provide the structured support found in stability models, but it offers ample support for neutral gaits. The DNA Loft v2 midsole, while primarily designed for comfort, also provides a stable base, minimizing unnecessary foot movement during runs.

The engineered mesh upper, coupled with a traditional lacing system, allows for a secure fit, anchoring the foot and reducing in-shoe slippage. The outsole's blown rubber enhances traction and durability, contributing to a consistent and supportive ride.


Brooks Ghost 15

When assessing longevity, I've found that its outsole and midsole are crafted to endure the rigors of frequent running without significant wear and tear.

  • - The blown rubber outsole offers solid traction and is strategically placed in high-impact zones, which effectively resists abrasion.
  • - Moreover, the DNA Loft V2 midsole technology not only provides a plush ride but also demonstrates remarkable durability. Throughout the miles, this foam maintains its integrity, resisting the compression that often plagues lesser cushioning systems.
  • - The engineered mesh upper is another highlight, showing minimal signs of fraying or stretching after extensive use.
  • - The Brooks Ghost 15 is built with longevity in mind, giving lot of runners a reliable shoe that stands the test of time and distance.

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Final Verdict

The Brooks Ghost 15 review highlights it as a standout choice for runners seeking a comfortable daily trainer with a softer ride. This latest version, featuring the brand new DNA Loft v2 cushioning, offers a softer and less firm experience, making it ideal for longer runs and reducing pain while running. The Ghost 15's build quality is notable, with a well-cushioned toe-box, firm heel counter, and a gusseted tongue ensuring a snug, supportive fit. Its nitrogen-infused foam adds a slightly softer feel underfoot, enhancing energy return for a more enjoyable run. Whether you're a new runner or seasoned, the Ghost 15, praised for its comfort and durability, proves to be a great shoe for those in search of a just-right blend of softness and support. It's a testament to Brooks's commitment to improving the runner’s experience, making the Ghost 15 a top pick in the popular running and daily trainer category.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How does the Brooks Ghost 15 compare to the Ghost 14?

The Brooks Ghost 15 offers enhanced comfort and a smoother transition than the Ghost 14, thanks to its updated DNA Loft v3 cushioning. It maintains reliable performance and neutral daily trainer qualities, with a remarkably similar feel but improved responsiveness.

2. Is the Brooks Ghost 15 running shoe true to size?

Yes, the Ghost 15 runs true to size. Its design ensures a snug fit in the midfoot and ample room in the toe box, making it suitable for a wide range of runners seeking a neutral trainer.

3. What are the main differences between Brooks Ghost 15 and Brooks Glycerin?

While both are excellent Brooks running shoes, the Ghost 15 is a neutral daily trainer known for its balance of comfort and durability, ideal for high mileage. The Glycerin focuses more on plush cushioning, offering an even softer ride with its Glycerin technology, making it perfect for those prioritizing maximum comfort.

4. What technology does the Brooks Ghost 15 feature for cushioning?

The Ghost 15 features the latest DNA Loft v3 cushioning, delivering a soft yet responsive ride. This EVA-based foam ensures a comfortable run, making it feel a little softer underfoot while still providing the necessary support for a neutral trainer.

5. What is the heel-to-toe drop of the Brooks Ghost 15, and how does it affect performance?

The Ghost 15 has a heel-to-toe drop (heel drop) of 12 mm, which offers a balanced ride that promotes a natural foot strike. This mm drop is ideal for runners seeking a shoe that supports both high mileage and everyday training, providing a stable and dependable experience.

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