Brooks Glycerin 20 Review

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The Brooks Glycerin 20 review unveils a game-changer in the running shoe industry, especially coming from Brooks, the #1 running shoe brand in the adult performance running category. This latest iteration offers unparalleled comfort and performance, setting a new benchmark for both seasoned marathoners and casual joggers alike.

With its advanced cushioning technology and enhanced stability features, the Glycerin 20 promises an exceptionally smooth ride. It's designed to adapt to every stride, ensuring maximum support and durability for runners. Whether you're pounding the pavement or exploring off-road trails, this shoe is crafted to revolutionize your running experience, maintaining Brooks' legacy of excellence.

Brooks Glycerin 20

Table of Content:

  1. Key Takeaways
  2. Table: Brooks Glycerin 20 Review
  3. Pros & Cons
  4. Performance
  5. Traction
  6. Responsiveness
  7. Stability
  8. Comfort Analysis
  9. Design & Fit
  10. Durability Insights
  11. Final Verdict
  12. Frequently Asked Questions

Key Takeaways

  • - Reliable shoe for long runs emphasizing comfort.
  • - Renowned for its plush cushioning, offering a soft and responsive ride ideal for various running activities.
  • - Durable construction suited for both new and seasoned runners, ensuring longevity and adaptability across distances.
  • - Features a breathable upper and feels lighter than the Glycerin previous models, enhancing comfort and performance.

Table: Brooks Glycerin 20 Review

Feature Details
Terrain Road
Pace Daily running
Toebox Medium
Pronation Underpronation, Supination, Neutral Pronation
Cushioning Plush
All-day Wear
For Beginners
Arch Support Neutral
Heel to Toe Drop 10mm Drop
Weight 286g
Widths Available Normal, Wide
Orthotic Friendly
Removable Insole
Distance Long distance
Collection Brooks Glycerin
Strike Pattern Heel strike
Flexibility Moderate
Arch Type High arch
Material Mesh
Season Summer
Release Date Jul 2022
Popular Colorways White/Khaki
Forefoot Height 24mm
Heel Height 34mm

Pros & Cons

  • - Plush cushioning
  • - Breathable upper
  • - Durable build
  • - Excellent traction
  • - Laces may come untied
  • - Heel drop higher than expected

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Brooks Glycerin 20

Turning to performance, I'll assess the Brooks Glycerin 20's traction, responsiveness, and stability.

The shoe's outsole offers reliable grip across multiple terrains, though its responsiveness seems muted when compared to lighter, more race-oriented models.

In terms of stability, the Glycerin 20 provides a secure footing without the need for traditional support features, catering well to neutral runners.


When evaluating the performance, it's clear that the shoe's traction is robust, providing reliable grip across a variety of running surfaces. The outsole is designed with a substantial amount of rubber, contributing to both the traction and durability of these road running shoes. The rubber is strategically placed to balance weight and grip, with flex grooves that enhance the shoe's responsiveness during runs.

Here's how the traction components play out:

  • - Outsole Composition: The outsole features high-quality rubber that maintains grip even on wet surfaces, ensuring a secure footing.
  • - Durability Factor: The generous application of rubber not only aids in traction but also significantly extends the lifespan of the outsole.
  • - Flex Grooves: Engineered into the outsole, these grooves improve the shoe's flexibility, allowing for a more responsive ride that adapts to the runner's movements.

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Brooks Glycerin 20

While the shoe ensures solid ground contact with its well-designed traction, it's the shoe's responsiveness that truly enhances the running experience by providing a reactive Glycerin 20 feel with each stride. The new DNA Loft V midsole, now nitrogen-infused, is engineered to offer not just cushion but also bounce back, contributing to a more responsive Brooks shoe. This midsole change aims to improve the overall energy return without compromising the plush feel the Glycerin series is known for.

Aspect Detail Impact on Responsiveness
Midsole Nitrogen-infused DNA Loft V Increased energy return
Cushion Plush yet structured Balances comfort and bounce
Bounce Enhanced by nitrogen infusion Promotes a lively ride
Material DNA Loft V composition Durable, maintains responsiveness over time
Shoe Feedback Responsive to different stride patterns Adapts to runner's movements

In an analytical sense, the responsiveness of the Glycerin 20 is a measured balance between a soft landing and a reactive take-off.


Brooks Glycerin 20

In assessing stability, it's evident that the shoe's design prioritizes a secure and controlled ride, particularly beneficial for runners who value consistent support throughout their stride. As a neutral shoe, it doesn't include the medial posts found in stability models, but the Glycerin still delivers overall stability.

  • - Guide Rails: For those seeking extra stability, the GTS version, with Brooks' Guide Rails system, offers a more supportive experience.
  • - Heel Collar: The padded heel collar ensures a snug fit, reducing heel slip and enhancing the shoe's secure feel.
  • - Rubber Outsole: The durable rubber outsole provides reliable traction and contributes to the shoe's stable platform, especially during longer runs.

Objective analysis shows that the Brooks Glycerin 20 maintains stability without compromising the comfort expected from a high-cushion offering.

Comfort Analysis

The Brooks Glycerin 20's comfort level is a critical aspect of its design, featuring a nitrogen-infused DNA Loft midsole that provides a cushioned ride. Yet the firmness in the rearfoot raises questions about its universal appeal for long-distance runners.

The plush sensation is evident upon step-in, with an initial softness that promises comfort. However, as I analyze the midsole softness further, it becomes apparent that the DNA Loft V midsole offers a dichotomy of feel. While the forefront maintains a softer experience, conducive to overall comfort, the upper feels structured, which could restrict the universal fitting experience.

This contrasting firmness may affect the anticipated plushness during extended runs, suggesting that comfort is optimized rather than maximized for all runner profiles.

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Design & Fit

Brooks Glycerin 20

Acknowledging the nuanced comfort dynamics, it's imperative to examine the shoe's design and fit to understand its overall functionality and appeal to runners. The new upper uses an engineered mesh that promises breathability and flexibility, enhancing comfort for long runs. A true-to-size fit is crucial for any running shoe, and the Glycerin 20 delivers on this front, accommodating a wide range of foot shapes without compromising security.

Brooks Glycerin 20

Here's what stands out in the design and fit of the Glycerin 20:

  • - New Upper: The redesign includes a streamlined upper that aims to provide a more comfortable and adaptive fit.
  • - Toe Box: It offers ample room without feeling overly spacious, catering to natural foot splay.
  • - Ankle Collar: Engineered to balance comfort and support, the ankle collar ensures a snug fit without irritating.

Brooks Glycerin 20

Durability Insights

Durability, often a paramount concern for runners, is an aspect where the Brooks Glycerin 20 excels, promising a resilient build that withstands the rigors of high mileage.

The new midsole foam, a nitrogen-infused DNA Loft v, not only enhances the comfort but also contributes to the longevity of the running shoe.

Through my analysis, I've found that the rubber coverage on the outsole is generous, offering protection against the abrasive forces encountered during long runs.

As a daily trainer, the Brooks Glycerin 20 holds up impressively, exhibiting minimal wear even after persistent use. This suggests that runners can expect reliable performance over time, with the shoe retaining its cushioning and supportive characteristics run after run.

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Final Verdict

In conclusion, our thorough review of the Brooks Glycerin 20 has taken into account the most important factors that runners consider when choosing a shoe: comfort, performance, durability, and design. This shoe stands out for its advanced cushioning technology, responsive ride, and robust build, making it an excellent choice for a wide range of runners. Whether you're tackling long distances, hitting the pavement for a daily jog, or seeking a reliable shoe for casual wear, the Glycerin 20 delivers on all fronts. Its blend of plush comfort, durable construction, and versatile performance ensures that it meets the needs of both seasoned marathoners and casual joggers alike, truly revolutionizing the running experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What makes the Brooks Glycerin 20 unique compared to other version of the Glycerin?

The Glycerin 20 features an updated DNA Loft v3 midsole, making it lighter and bouncier. It's designed for long miles, providing a firmer yet more comfortable ride compared to the standard Glycerin.

2. How does the Glycerin 20 StealthFit version differ from the Glycerin 20?

The Glycerin 20 StealthFit offers a more adaptive fit with its StealthFit construction, focusing on a sleek, snug fit that feels seamless mid-run, while still maintaining the bouncy and comfortable ride of the Glycerin 20.

3. Is the Brooks Glycerin 20 suitable for daily training and recovery days?

Yes, the Brooks Glycerin 20, with its nitrogen-infused DNA Loft v3 foam, is a reliable daily trainer that's versatile enough for recovery days to long runs, providing a cushioned and responsive ride.

4. What advancements does the DNA Loft v3 foam bring to the Brooks Glycerin 20?

The DNA Loft v3 foam in the Glycerin 20 is Brooks' newest innovation, offering a lighter, more responsive cushioning. This nitrogen-infused foam enhances the shoe's ability to deliver a soft yet responsive ride, perfect for long distances.

5. Is Brooks Glycerin a good running shoe?

Yes, the Brooks Glycerin is an excellent running shoe, known for its 10 mm drop that offers a balanced ride. The foam on the Glycerin provides a firm yet cushioned experience, making the shoe ideal for both short and long distances. Its well-designed toe box ensures ample room for comfort without sacrificing responsiveness. This combination of features makes the Glycerin a top choice for runners seeking comfort and performance.

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