Brooks Launch 9 Review: Best Lightweight Shoe

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Slipping into the Brooks Launch 9 feels akin to being granted a pair of wings—an experience eagerly sought by runners, yet not universally delivered by all footwear. As someone deeply immersed in the athletic shoe scene, I've learned to distinguish between mere hype and genuine breakthroughs. The Brooks Launch 9 review delves into its acclaimed attributes of lightness and speed, promising enhancements to any runner's performance. Yet, experience has taught me to be skeptical of such claims until they're proven on the ground.

Equipped with an innovative midsole and a unique outsole design, the Launch 9 invites a rigorous evaluation across my diverse running routines. This examination aims to determine whether it truly stands as a versatile performer or merely another transient entry in the competitive running shoe landscape.

Brooks Launch 9

Table of Content:

  1. Key Takeaways
  2. Pros & Cons
  3. Table: Brooks Launch 9 Review
  4. Design
  5. Sole Unit
  6. Upper Unit
  7. Performance
  8. Comfort
  9. Durability & Traction
  10. Breathability & Fit
  11. Final Verdict
  12. Frequently Asked Questions

Key Takeaways

  • - Lightweight design for speed and responsiveness
  • - BioMoGo DNA foam offers comfort and energy return
  • - Budget-friendly with increased midsole foam for added comfort
  • - Tongue design could offer more flexibility

Table: Brooks Launch 9 Review

Feature Description
Model Brooks Launch 9
Weight 8.2oz / 232.5g
Type Neutral road running shoe
Cushioning Level Moderate, for a responsive ride
Surface Road/Track
Heel-to-Toe Drop 10mm
Midsole Technology BioMoGo DNA cushioning provides adaptive cushioning
Outsole Material Blown rubber for durability and grip
Upper Construction Engineered mesh for breathability and comfort
Stack Height 32.4 mm
Release Date March 2022
Popular Colorways Black, White
Notable Technologies 3D Fit Print upper technology for strategic stretch and structure

Pros & Cons

  • - Lightweight design
  • - Increased cushioning
  • - Versatile for various runs
  • - Breathable upper
  • - Sustainable outsole
  • - Fit issues with roominess and slippage


Brooks Launch 9

Turning to the design, I'll focus on the sole and upper units.

The sole unit integrates BioMoGo DNA foam for cushioning and features a new Green Rubber outsole, aiming for sustainability without compromising traction.

Meanwhile, the upper unit's engineered mesh is crafted for breathability and a snug fit, to balance comfort and durability.

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Sole Unit

Brooks Launch 9

Frequently, the design of a shoe's sole unit is crucial to its overall performance, and the Brooks Launch 9 features a BioMoGo DNA midsole that balances cushioning and responsiveness with a sustainable Green Rubber outsole.

The midsole's BioMoGo DNA provides a tailored cushion that adapts to individual stride patterns, offering a dynamic ride. It's neither too soft nor too firm, which contributes to a responsive feel underfoot.

Moreover, the rubber outsole is designed with Green Rubber, incorporating silica for enhanced durability and traction without sacrificing the shoe's eco-friendly commitment.

This thoughtful pairing results in a sole unit that manages to support a runner's need for speed and reliable performance, while also being mindful of environmental impact.

Upper Unit

Brooks Launch 9

Delving into the upper unit, it's evident that the shoe's design prioritizes a snug fit and breathability, essential for runners seeking comfort and performance during their runs. The upper features an engineered mesh that offers a breathable shoe experience while ensuring durability:

  • - Engineered Mesh
  • - Provides structured support
  • - Enhances airflow to keep feet cool

The creel wrap design creates a secure fit, complementing the breathable mesh upper. Flat laces reduce pressure across the foot and contribute to overall comfort. Additionally, the toebox is spacious enough to allow for natural toe splay, and reinforced eyelets add to the shoe's longevity. Each element is carefully considered to deliver a reliable and enjoyable run.


When assessing the performance, it's essential to consider how the shoe's design translates into real-world running efficiency and comfort. The running shoe integrates a heel counter that provides a secure fit, reducing the risk of heel slippage during my runs. The outsole, crafted from the new Green Rubber material, is designed with durability in mind while offering a degree of traction. However, I've noticed that the traction may not be as reliable in wet conditions, which is a point worth considering for those who frequently run in the rain or on slick surfaces.

The midsole foam, composed of BioMoGo DNA, contributes to a comfortable ride and seems to promote a smooth transition from heel strike to toe-off. I found that the foam strikes a balance between softness and responsiveness, though some may find it lacks in plushness compared to other models. In terms of durability, the reinforced eyelets and well-fitted upper suggest a running shoe that's built to last, especially considering the moderate wear on the outsole after several miles. Overall, the Brooks Launch 9 demonstrates a commendable performance, particularly suited for runners seeking a balance between speed and cushion in their daily trainer.

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Brooks Launch 9

Assessing the comfort, I've noticed that the BioMoGo DNA midsole provides a firm yet cushioned platform, creating a supportive base for a variety of runs. Here's a detailed breakdown:

  • - Breathability & Mesh
  • - The engineered mesh upper ensures breathability, which is a boon for long, hot runs.
  • - However, it's worth noting that while the mesh promotes airflow, some might find it less breathable than expected, especially on the top of the foot where heat can accumulate.
  • - Softness & Plushness
  • - The plush nature of the collar lining adds a soft touch against the ankle.
  • - In the forefoot, the cushioning strikes a balance between softness and responsiveness, without feeling too squishy.

In terms of comfort, the Launch 9 performs admirably, although it's not without its nuances. The breathability of the mesh is good, but mightn't satisfy those seeking maximal ventilation. Meanwhile, the softness and plush features contribute positively to the overall comfort, ensuring that the top of the foot feels snug without unnecessary pressure. Overall, the Brooks Launch 9 offers a comfort level that should meet the expectations of many runners looking for a reliable shoe.

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Durability & Traction

Brooks Launch 9

Typically, runners prioritize durability and traction in their footwear, and in the case of the Brooks Launch 9, both aspects warrant close examination. The green rubber outsole, a prominent feature for its sustainable angle, also serves a practical purpose. It's designed to be wear-resistant, which is essential for a daily trainer that's expected to withstand high-mileage use. In my analysis, the durability of the outsole seems to be robust, showing minimal signs of wear even after repeated use on various road surfaces.

Delving deeper into the traction aspect, the Brooks Launch 9 performs satisfactorily on dry pavements, providing a secure grip that allows for confident strides. However, when transitioning to wet conditions, the traction isn't as reliable, which is a point to consider if one frequently runs in rainy climates.

Complementing the outsole, the BioMoGo DNA foam contributes to the shoe's overall longevity. This midsole material not only offers comfort but also demonstrates resilience against the compression and wear that comes from regular running. Although it's not entirely immune to breakdown over time, the BioMoGo DNA foam holds up well, maintaining its cushioning properties over extended runs.

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Breathability & Fit

While considering the robust durability and varying traction of the Brooks Launch 9, it's equally important to examine how the shoe's design impacts breathability and the overall fit for the runner. The Launch 9 features a lightweight construction, which is a considerable advantage when discussing running economy and comfort.

The upper made of creel warp mesh is a notable aspect in terms of fit and ventilation. This material not only provides enough stretch to accommodate various foot shapes but also aids in creating an adaptive and snug fit. The breathability of the shoe offers relief, especially on warmer days, ensuring that the feet remain cool and dry over long distances.

  • - Creel warp mesh offers excellent airflow.
    - Prevents overheating, enhancing runner's performance.

Strong Fit:
  • - Upper made with lightweight materials gives a barely-there feel.
    - Enough stretch in the fabric accommodates foot movements.

In a more detailed analysis, the mesh structure of the upper ensures that the shoe maintains a balance between being form-fitting and providing ample air circulation. While the shoe isn't the most breathable in the market, it certainly holds its ground, allowing for a comfortable run without the risk of overheating.

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Final Verdict

The Brooks Launch 9 review reveals it as a standout choice for runners seeking a perfect blend of speed, comfort, and eco-conscious design. Its lightweight frame, combined with the innovative BioMoGo DNA midsole and Green Rubber outsole, makes it not just a fast shoe, but also a durable and sustainable option. The engineered mesh ensures breathability and a snug fit, ideal for a variety of running conditions. Although it faces some challenges in wet traction, its overall performance, from the responsive cushioning to the environmental benefits, positions the Brooks Launch 9 as a top pick for runners who prioritize both their personal bests and the planet. This makes it an excellent choice for daily training, especially for those who value a shoe that balances speed with comfort and sustainability.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What makes the Brooks Launch 9 a great option for marathon training?

The Brooks Launch 9 is a workhorse among running shoes, offering a light and responsive ride ideal for marathon training. Its durability and comfort make it a great shoe for long-distance runners looking to pick up the pace and build endurance without risking blisters or discomfort.

2. What are the environmental benefits of the Brooks Launch 9?

The Brooks Launch 9 is made using silica instead of petroleum, reflecting the brand's commitment to sustainability. This choice not only reduces the shoe's environmental impact but also maintains the high performance and durability runners expect from a good running shoe at this price point.

3. Is Brooks Launch a good running shoe?

The Brooks Launch is considered a go-to running shoe, particularly appreciated for its light feel, making it an excellent choice from the first run. Users who've worn the Launch highlight its effective sizing and the support it provides, especially in the medial arch area, enhancing overall comfort. This version of the shoe has also performed well across various conditions, with users noting its durability and support.

4. Can the Brooks Launch 9 be used for workouts other than running?

Yes, the Brooks Launch 9 is versatile enough to be used for a variety of workouts beyond running. Its light design, supportive fit, and responsive cushioning make it suitable for tempo workouts, gym sessions, and as a daily workout pair of running shoes.

5. What distinguishes the Brooks Launch 9 from other Launch models or shoes on the market?

The Launch 9 stands out for its value for money, combining a high-performance design with a price point on the lower end for running shoes. It’s a great shoe for runners seeking a reliable, versatile pair for training and races, offering improvements in comfort and performance over previous Launch models and many shoes on the market.

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