Brooks Levitate 5 Review: Best Responsive Shoe Review

Last Updated: Feburary 23, 2024 | Author: Jake Thompson

The Brooks Levitate 5 is a highly anticipated running shoe known for its promise of high-energy return and exceptional comfort. In this review, I take a closer look at the Brooks Levitate 5, leveraging my personal experience with the shoe to offer an honest evaluation.

Whether you run marathons or enjoy leisurely jogs, it's important to know how this shoe performs in real-life situations. I've examined everything from its comfortable Fit Knit upper to its energetic DNA AMP midsole to provide a detailed assessment.

This Brooks Levitate 5 review aims to highlight the Brooks Levitate 5's key features and any areas where it might fall short, helping you decide if it's the right choice for your running needs. Let's dive into what makes the Brooks Levitate 5 stand out and consider if it lives up to its expectations.

Brooks Levitate 5

Table of Content:

  1. Key Takeaways
  2. Table: Brooks Levitate 5 Review
  3. Performance Insights
  4. Responsiveness
  5. Traction
  6. Design
  7. Stability & Support
  8. Comfort & Fit
  9. Midsole and Cushioning
  10. Durability
  11. Final Verdict
  12. Frequently Asked Questions

Key Takeaways

  • - Mixed opinions on comfort and performance.
  • - Stiff DNA AMP midsole may cause discomfort.
  • - Lack of grip on slick roads.
  • - Higher price point compared to performance.

Table: Brooks Levitate 5 Review

Attribute Details
Terrain Road
Pace Daily running
Toebox Medium
Pronation Underpronation, Supination, Neutral Pronation
Cushioning Firm
All-day wear
For beginners
Arch support Neutral
Heel to toe drop 8mm
Weight 311g
Widths available Normal, For big guys
For heavy runners
Collection Brooks Levitate
Strike Pattern Heel strike, Forefoot/Midfoot strike
Flexibility Moderate
Arch Type High arch
Material Knit
Season Summer
Release date Aug 05, 2021
Popular Colorways White, Grey
Forefoot height 21mm
Heel height 29mm

Performance Insights

Brooks Levitate 5

While exploring the Brooks Levitate 5, I discovered that these sneakers are pretty special because they make running feel less tiring and more fun. This magic comes from a special feature called DNA AMP midsole technology. It's kind of like having a mini-trampoline in your shoe that bounces you back up after each step.

To keep runners from slipping and helping them zoom along faster, the shoes have a smart design on the bottom called an arrow-point pattern. But how well they stick to the ground can change if it's raining or you're on a tricky trail.

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Brooks Levitate 5

The Brooks Levitate 5 shoes are like a kangaroo's bounce for your feet. Thanks to the DNA AMP midsole, every time you hit the ground, it feels like the shoe gives you a little push to help you bounce back up. When I compared them to other shoes like the Nike React or Adidas UltraBoost, here's what stood out about the Levitate 5's bounciness:

  • - They help you move smoothly and quickly from landing on your heel to pushing off with your toes, making each step feel light and speedy.
  • - On long runs, this bounce keeps your steps lively, helping you feel less tired.
  • - Even with the springiness, your feet feel secure and supported in every step, not wobbly.
  • - Among its competitors, the DNA AMP technology makes the Levitate 5 stand out for runners who love a shoe that helps them feel fast and light on their feet.

Compared to other models, the Levitate 5 shines by turning the hard work of running into an energetic and enjoyable experience.


Investigating the Brooks Levitate 5's grip, I noticed that its bottom, made of a tough rubber called full-length carbon rubber, sticks well to most paths. It's a bit more slippery on wet ground compared to some rivals like the Asics Gel-Kayano, which has a reputation for great wet-surface traction. The durable rubber doesn't wear down easily, even with lots of running.

The shoe's bottom has an arrow-point pattern that's designed for smooth and quick steps, helping you move efficiently. This pattern makes a big difference in how the shoe grips the road, especially during fast runs.

However, in comparison to shoes like the Asics Gel-Kayano or the New Balance Fresh Foam, the Levitate 5 might need a bit more caution on wet surfaces. While it's fantastic on dry land, its performance on slick paths shows there's room for growth. It's great for runners who mostly stick to dry paths but might want to look at other options for rainy days or slippery trails.

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The Brooks Levitate 5 combines cool looks with features that help you run better. It has a special mesh on top that fits snugly around your foot, making sure you're comfy and stable. Plus, it has a special part in the middle of the shoe that gives you a little bounce with every step.

Let's break down what's awesome about the design:

  • - Engineered Mesh Upper: It's like a breathable sock for your foot that keeps it in place and comfy, perfect for running around.
  • - DNA AMP Midsole: This part is like a spring, helping you feel bouncy and energetic when you run.
  • - Rubber Outsole: It's super sturdy and grips the ground well, so you can run safely on different surfaces.
  • - Stealthfit Construction: For those who need a bit more stretch for their unique feet, this version fits just right.

Compared to other running shoes, the Levitate 5 is special because it breathes well, feels comfy, and gives you a nice energy boost. The mesh top makes sure your feet don't feel too tight, and the bouncy middle part makes running more fun.

Let's dive into how the Brooks Levitate 5 keeps your feet feeling fresh and cool, thanks to its special mesh top. This part of the shoe is super important because it lets air in and out, making sure your feet don't get too sweaty or hot when you're running. The mesh is stretchy and fits perfectly to your foot, letting air move freely so your feet stay comfortable.

Keeping your feet cool is a big deal because it means you're less likely to get blisters or feel uncomfortable during your run.

The mesh is made to support your foot where it needs it but also to keep things light and airy, especially around the front where your toes are. This means your whole foot gets to enjoy a nice breeze as you run.

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Stability & Support

Let's talk about how the Brooks Levitate 5 keeps your feet steady and supported, especially when you compare it to other sneakers out there. I've taken a close look at these shoes to help you understand what they offer.

  • - Snug Fit: The shoe fits tightly around your foot, making sure it doesn't move around when you're running. This is super important for keeping your foot stable and secure.
  • - True to Size: Just like other Brooks shoes, like the Glycerin and the Ghost, the Levitate 5 fits just right. This means you can pick your usual size and expect a good fit.
  • - Stiff Midsole: The middle part of the shoe is pretty firm, which some runners love because it helps you push off the ground better. But, if you like your shoes to feel really flexible, this might be a bit different from what you're used to.
  • - Levitate GTS: If you need even more support to keep your foot from moving in ways it shouldn't, there's a special version of the Levitate 5 called the GTS. It has something called GuideRails that helps keep your steps steady, which is great for runners who want that extra bit of help.

When we look at how the Levitate 5 stacks up against other Brooks models, it doesn't have the super soft feel of the Glycerin or the all-around comfy feel of the Ghost. But, its focus on keeping your foot stable and secure is something many runners will appreciate. The firm midsole gives you a boost, though it's not as flexible as some might like.

Comfort & Fit

Brooks Levitate 5

Turning to the comfort and fit of the Brooks Levitate 5, I immediately notice the influence of the midsole and cushioning on the overall experience.

The DNA AMP midsole is engineered to provide a high energy return, which contributes to the shoe's responsive feel during runs.

However, it's important to assess whether the firmness of this technology affects the comfort over longer distances or varies with individual runner's preferences.

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Midsole and Cushioning

Delving into the midsole and cushioning of the Brooks Levitate 5, I find the DNA AMP technology provides a notably responsive yet firm ride, which may not cater to all preferences for comfort and fit. The midsole's foam composition is engineered to maximize energy return, giving each stride a lively bounce. However, the firmness of this cushioning may be perceived as less comfortable by those who prefer a softer, more plush experience with every step.

  • - The DNA AMP foam delivers a responsive cushion with each stride.
  • - A firmer ride may affect comfort for runners preferring a softer midsole.
  • - The energetic bounce aims to enhance a lively and efficient running experience.
  • - Evaluating the midsole's impact on my stride, it's clear that the Levitate 5 is designed for those who appreciate a more dynamic and robust feel underfoot.


Looking at how long-lasting the Brooks Levitate 5 is, we've to check out the strong rubber on the bottom and how the DNA AMP cushioning inside the shoe does after lots of use. This shoe is made for everyday running and can handle a lot of miles, making it great for training for big races.

I've found that the Levitate 5 is durable, just like you'd expect for its price.

The rubber on the bottom doesn't wear out quickly. It keeps its grip and shape even after you've run a lot of miles with it. This is key for runners who need their shoes to stay good on different kinds of ground. The DNA AMP cushioning keeps giving a bouncy feel without getting flat, even after many runs.

This means the Levitate 5 is made to last a long time and be a go-to shoe for runners over many months.

The shoe also fits just right from the start, which helps it last longer too. A shoe that fits well doesn't rub inside and wears out too soon. All in all, the Brooks Levitate 5 has shown itself to be a tough, dependable shoe for running.

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Final Verdict

After providing a thorough review of the Brooks Levitate 5, it's clear that understanding the details of these shoes can be crucial for runners looking for the right fit. The Brooks Levitate 5 review highlighted their bouncy feel, perfect fit, and excellent breathability, alongside their durability for long runs. Knowing these aspects is key for anyone aiming to find a shoe that combines comfort, support, and long-lasting wear.

The Brooks Levitate 5 stands out for those who prioritize a responsive, supportive running experience, proving its value in a runner's shoe collection. This insight can help runners make an informed decision, ensuring they choose a shoe that meets their needs for both performance and durability.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How does the lace system affect the shoe fit and performance?

The lacing system is designed to secure your foot snugly, ensuring a customizable fit that adapts to your movement. This means the shoe feels quicker and more responsive during runs, providing stability and reducing the risk of slippage. The laces, in combination with the shoe's overall design, contribute to a secure, sock-like fit that supports rapid movement and agility.

2. Can the Levitate 5 be recommended for daily training and high mileage?

The Levitate 5 is highly recommended as a daily trainer. The Levitate 5 fits true to size, offering a springy, nicely padded ride that can absorb the harsh impacts of long-distance running. Its design aims to resist the breakdown over high mileage, with users reporting a comfortable experience even after 30-50 miles, making it perfect for those committed to extensive daily training.

3. What makes the trainer's tongue and collar design stand out?

The trainer's tongue and collar are designed to provide a sleek, sock-like fit that wraps the foot comfortably, preventing any harsh rubbing or discomfort. This design, coupled with a nicely padded collar, ensures the shoe hugs your foot securely, offering enhanced support and stability. The tongue also provides breathability, keeping your feet cool and comfortable during runs.

4. How does the toe box design contribute to the shoe's comfort?

The toe box in these shoes is designed to accommodate two different needs: it offers enough room to prevent a clunky or brick-like feeling, while also ensuring the shoe doesn't feel heavier or resist your natural foot movement. This balance makes the shoe feel more springy and responsive, drastically improving the overall running experience by allowing natural toe spread and flexibility.

5. Is the cushioning system effective in absorbing impact?

Yes, the cushioning system is specifically engineered to absorb impact, delivering a smooth and forgiving ride. This feature is particularly beneficial for runners looking for a shoe that can handle the rigors of daily training and high mileage. The bedlam of urban environments and uneven surfaces becomes less of an issue, as the shoe's pad and bed work together to mitigate harsh impacts, ensuring a comfortable run every time.

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